Jay Banerjee, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, ImmersiveTouch, Inc.

As per the latest reports by the Commonwealth fund, the US performs elective surgeries at a higher rate than other countries using cutting-edge technologies. The Co-Founder & COO of ImmersiveTouch®, Jay Banerjee, identified a gap in the healthcare market for improved efficiency management in the case of surgeries. Jay decided to tap on this opportunity and develop a better solution that would reduce costs and offer modern medical solutions to the surgeons. ImmersiveTouch was born out of necessity.

Jay, from a young age, was exposed to technology and innovation. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that tech innovation is ingrained in everything he does. Jay has a Systems Engineering degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He began his career by working at JP Morgan & Chase as a Project Manager. After co-founding ImmersiveTouch, Jay has managed various roles and responsibilities as its COO, including overseeing sales, marketing, strategic partnerships, products, finance, and HR.

Revolutionizing Digital Surgery

Incepted in 2014, ImmersiveTouch is a leading FDA 510(k) platform that converts 2D medical images into 3D spatial models, enhancing surgical planning, training, and collaboration. “Our technology provides the next generation of surgeons with realistic surgical simulations. These 3D spatial models are viewable with virtual and mixed reality devices so that each patient’s unique anatomy can be thoroughly studied and engaged with before the procedure begins,” explains Jay.

What makes it unique is its first automatic segmentation tool that creates 3D patient-specific simulations using DICOM data directly from CT, CBCT, and MRI scans. This proprietary platform uses disruptive technologies such as AI, computer vision, surgical simulation, and VR giving an edge to the existing visualization techniques. Using the ImmersiveTouch platform, surgeons can now view, plan, and rehearse surgery virtually with ease, prior to entering the operating room.

Company’s Mileposts

Led by Jay, ImmersiveTouch has achieved several milestones that speak volumes about its growth and success over the years. In 2017, ImmersiveTouch was used by 30+ surgeons to plan and simulate the separation of craniopagus twins. ImmersiveTouch partnered with Zimmer Biomet in 2020 to expand adoption into hospitals across the country, specifically focusing on the CMF market.

In 2021, ImmersiveTouch received its third  FDA 510(k) clearance. Over1,400 procedures were performed using ImmersiveTouch’s platform. In 2022, ImmersiveTouch entered a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to create an augmented reality surgery navigation platform. In the coming years, Jay and his team at ImmersiveTouch are looking forward to building more innovative products keeping the customers’ needs in mind and continuing to climb ladders of success with confidence.

Pandemic Opened Doors to Numerous Growth Opportunities

On the one hand, the COVID-19 created havoc in the global healthcare industry. On the other, it also accelerated the adoption of remote training and collaboration like never before.

In 2020, ImmersiveTouch users grew three-fold, and the company predicts more than half of the hospitals in the US will be using this technology within the next three years. Jay proudly shares, “We were also able to expand into other markets, outside of CMF (craniomaxillofacial) to include orthopedic, cardiothoracic, neurology, oncology, dental, etc.”

Planning an Immersive Future

Jay and his team are currently working on an AR surgery navigation platform. They also aim to expand surgical applications and increase product development at ImmersiveTouch. This year, they will continue adding new recruits and creating a company sales force .

Reflecting on ImmersiveTouch’s long-term plans and niche areas of focus, Jay asserts, “Our vision for the future is to focus on the needs of the surgeons by creating a unified digital surgery platform that includes all surgical procedures that require personalized patient-specific imaging. This includes technology such as AR to navigate procedures in operations, VR to simulate procedures, and AI to improve our surgical training platform.”

Pearls of Wisdom

Jay says that the AR and VR technologies have been around for much longer than people are aware of. “The industry is finally just at a point where the technology is ready to be used in real-life applications.” He concludes that  “aspirants looking to build a successful career  should find something you love, and you will always want to stick with it.”

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