Dr. Kapil Apshankar and Rupali Apshankar, Founders, Blissvana

Incepted in 2017, Blissvana is the brainchild of Founders Dr. Kapil Apshankar and Rupali Apshankar. The dynamic duo has extensive technology and entrepreneurship experience working across the US, Europe, and India. During their stints, they worked with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high-performance teams with one common thread. All these individuals had great careers but often struggled in their personal and family lives.

“We discovered early on that people only focus on improving the material aspects of their life and ignore the other dimensions. Hence, we decided to practice what we discovered and learned along the way in our lives. And out of this experience, Blissvana was born,” share Founders Dr. Kapil and Rupali. Today, Blissvana empowers entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high-performance individuals to discover, create, and live their dream life, a life full of bliss.

Let’s Meet the Dynamic Couple Turned Transformational Life Coaches

Rupali is an internationally certified Heal Your Life teacher and workshop leader. She is also an accomplished meditation guide, a certified music therapist, and a mind-body coach. Before starting to work on her passion for transforming people’s lives, Rupali worked in the tech industry for more than 15 years.

Dr. Kapil Apshankar is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist affiliated with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. He is also a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher, and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay. Apart from these, he has had formal training and experience in a variety of eastern and modern energy healing systems.

How Coaching Works?

According to Dr. Kapil and Rupali, every individual has unlimited potential to create and live the life of their dreams. As certified coaches, they play the role of catalysts in helping clients discover their purpose and how they can fulfil it.

“We help our clients identify what is stopping them from achieving their goals and help them remove those limiting beliefs, blocks and limitations,” assert Blissvana’s Founders. Through their heart-centred coaching techniques and healing processes, clients learn skills and strategies to deal with their energy and emotions. Likewise, Dr. Kapil and Rupali help clients integrate everything into routines that really work for them. As a result, clients establish sacred rituals in creating new habits along the way and embrace inspired action every day towards achieving their goals.

Every Client is Both Similar & Unique

Dr. Kapil and Rupali reveal that all clients who work with them share the same big goals in their lives, making them both similar and unique at the core. They desire professional success and happy relationships. They are looking to create financial abundance and prosperity in their lives. They desire good health and a healthy body. Yet every client brings in their own life experience into Blissvana’s programs. They have unique beliefs, challenges, and constraints that need to be overcome to get them to their dream life.

Blissvana’s Live Your Bliss Life Transformational Framework (TM) starts with the premise that all power lies within the clients. “The answers they need to live their bliss are theirs alone. Our role as coaches is to hold a loving and non-judgmental space for them and allow them to get in touch with their higher, sacred selves,” mention Dr. Kapil & Rupali. “We also work with a variety of psychological tools and frameworks to create differentiated coaching approaches that are deeply meaningful and relevant to each client.”

Dr. Kapil Apshankar

‘Live Your Bliss’ is Blissvana’s Signature Program

Live Your Bliss is a transformational lifestyle design system that empowers clients to discover, create, and live their very best life. For Dr. Kapil and Rupali, it is their most successful program and also the one that is close to their hearts. And why not? They have distilled decades of personal experiments and experience into this program and successfully created and perfected a no-fail system that can help clients achieve their seemingly impossible goals using a set of life-transforming principles, strategies, and tactics for creating an extraordinary life of dreams. “We know our program is successful because our clients have created a life of their dreams for themselves and know what it entails,” share Dr. Kapil & Rupali.

At the outset, participants often have self-doubts and question the program’s real value. However, when they see the results, they are truly amazed at just how much is possible for them with the right coaching guidance and support. In this way, Live Your Bliss helps participants create a life full of love, happiness and abundance – and that becomes the new foundation for every aspect of their life.

Trained to Handle Human Needs & Life Challenges

In the initial days, Dr. Kapil & Rupali faced many challenges in getting their clients to commit to the coaching process. People wanted the end results but were unwilling to spend the energy or effort required to get to bliss. “This experience early on allowed us to tinker with our coaching framework, change the way to structure our programs, and educate our clients on their personal accountability, commitment, and investment to both the process and the outcomes,” state Blissvana’s Founders.

However, being trained in Heal Your Life philosophy and Activation Method Coaching, Dr. Kapil and Rupali have undergone intensive study and training in strategies to handle the whole range of human needs and life challenges. Most life coaching programs focus on one type of results, such as goals, beliefs, or steps. However, Blissvana focuses on the wide range of human potential and obstacles, making it unique.

Milestones that Matter the Most

Walking down memory lane, Dr. Kapil & Rupali reveal that the day they decided to work together and launch Blissvana is one of the most significant mileposts of their lives. In the world of transformational life coaching, very few couples do coaching together— Tony and Sage Robbins, Jon and Missy Butcher, and Mark and Magali Peysha. Hence, coaching together and following their role models and mentors is, therefore, special to them. The next important milestone is walking the path of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life philosophy and becoming internationally licensed and certified as Heal Your Life teachers, workshop leaders, teen trainers, life coaches and business coaches.

In addition to these, Blissvana’s Founders are also thankful for the close professional associations and personal friendships their work has allowed them to foster over the last decade, including some of the most prominent thought-leaders in the personal development, self-growth, and life transformation space.

A Typical Day in the Lives of Multi-talented Coaches

Dr. Kapil & Rupali’s typical day is evenly split between bliss work, coaching, and working on new projects. Since Blisswork is the foundation of their personal growth and professional success, they love to practice what they teach their clients. These include affirmations, mirrorwork, journaling, and practising active gratitude and forgiveness. In addition to these inner work – bliss work practices, Blissvana’s Founders also bring in a lot of eastern and modern energy practices into their lives and work day like tapping, priming, pranayama-breathwork, yoga, chanting, mantras, sound healing, and energy work. “Our focus on bliss work empowers us to stay calm all day, deal with everything that comes our way, and live in the present moment now,” reveal the dynamic duo.

On the home turf, they are proud parents of a son and a daughter with whom they love spending time together, along with their three cats. They also actively and intentionally disconnect multiple times throughout the day, creating a work-life balance.

Making a Positive Societal Impact

Blissvana’s journey began when Founders Dr. Kapil and Rupali refused to live an ordinary life. Today, as artists, entrepreneurs and adventurers, they have designed and are living a life most people might call impossible. By passing the torch of their learnings and wisdom, they want to empower families and communities worldwide to break free from narrow mindsets and limiting beliefs that hold them back from becoming their best selves and living their authentic, dream lives through Live Your Bliss. Kapil and Rupali have spent their life sharing their knowledge and helping others. Today, they support a few charities in India and USA with a specific focus on orphans and girl education. Their vision is to scale up the impact of their contributions manifold, as Blissvana grows. Kapil and Rupali’s actions reflect their belief in the powerful impact we each have when we share. When we give more, we become more. “Our vision is to help a million people take control of their own destiny using – and help them Live Your Bliss,” share Dr. Kapil & Rupali.

Roadmap to a Blissful Future

Besides their love and dedication to coaching, Dr. Kapil and Rupali also have another side to their talent and expertise. They are teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs at heart. Rupali, who dreamt of becoming a singer as a child, is finally fulfilling her desire and is all set to launch her first single this month. Dr. Kapil, too is immersed in writing and working on his book and upcoming projects.

When it comes to Blissvana, they both share a grand 5-year vision for the company.  As part of this plan, they want to take Live Your Bliss to a million people worldwide and empower them to create more love, happiness, and abundance in their lives. They also have some exciting short-term projects in the pipeline, including publishing Live Your Bliss as a book, launching a Blissvana growth platform, and leading research on the power of meditation, visualisation, sound healing, and the mind-body connection. “Apart from coaching, we are working on launching online programs on self-love and creating a happier life which is easily affordable and more accessible so that we can impact more people and take our vision beyond what we currently do,” happily conclude the dynamic duo, Dr. Kapil & Rupali.

For More Info: https://blissvana.com/

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