E. Michelle Bohreer, Attorney and Founder of Bohreer Law Firm

“Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ transcends generations, inspiring countless individuals to pursue justice and embody the values of the legal profession. For E. Michelle Bohreer, Attorney and Founder of Bohreer Law Firm, the novel ignited a lifelong passion for advocacy and community service. “I knew I wanted to be a lawyer as early as high school when I read To Kill A Mockingbird. I also knew I did not want to be a criminal lawyer,” shares Michelle.

Michelle’s journey into law began in 1990, propelled by her exceptional academic achievements at the University of Houston Law Center. Graduating with top honors, she seamlessly transitioned from her role as a certified public accountant at Anderson to embark on a legal career distinguished by her unparalleled dedication to client service. “My background as a CPA has been invaluable in my legal career, particularly in understanding my clients’ business goals and desires,” Michelle emphasizes.

Drawing on her unique background, Michelle approaches law as a counselor, guiding clients towards their objectives while preemptively mitigating risks. Her expertise as both an attorney and CPA equip her with a comprehensive understanding of her clients’ business needs, fostering collaborative partnerships aimed at achieving favorable outcomes. “Being in trial and picking a jury are my favorite parts of practicing law,” Michelle enthuses.

However, Michelle’s commitment extends beyond the courtroom. A stalwart advocate for her community, she has lent her expertise to numerous charitable organizations, including her current role as Chair of the Board of KnowAutism Foundation. As a distinguished member of the Rotary Club of Houston-Skyline, Michelle’s leadership has been recognized with Rotary International’s prestigious Service Above Self Award, a testament to her unwavering dedication to empowering others.

In 2021-2022, Michelle’s passion for service led her to serve as District Governor for Rotary District 5890, where she continues to champion causes close to her heart, including empowering girls through her role as Zone 25b Empowering Girls Ambassador.

Championing Integrity and Collaboration in Legal Excellence

Each year since 2004, Michelle has been recognized by her peers as a ‘Texas Super Lawyer’ in Law and Politics Magazine and Texas Monthly. “Being recognized by your peers stands as a tremendous acknowledgment of your accomplishments as an attorney,” Michelle reflects. “I believe that my diligent preparedness, candor, and focus on the best result for my client without getting my ego involved allows me to work collaboratively when possible, with lawyers on the ‘other side’, which often provides the greatest outcome for everyone involved.”

Michelle’s collaborative approach and commitment to her clients’ best interests have solidified her reputation as a trusted legal advisor. She emphasizes the importance of being a strategic partner with her clients, a cornerstone of her success. “Being a strategic partner with my clients is a cornerstone, in my opinion, to my success,” Michelle asserts.

In addition to being recognized as a ‘Texas Super Lawyer,’ Michelle has also received the top rating from the preeminent attorney rating service of Martindale-Hubbell, identifying her with the highest ethical standards and professional ability. “Bottom line, you only have one reputation, being candid, authentic, and honest in all circumstances are benchmarks to being a good attorney,” Michelle emphasizes. “I am thrilled that I have been recognized by my peers for these characteristics.”

Building Trust, Preventing Problems, and Advocating with Precision

Michelle’s approach to commercial litigation and employment practice is characterized by a dynamic relationship-focused strategy. “If you don’t understand the goals of your client, it is difficult to imagine how you will approach a business or litigation matter to achieve the best possible result,” Michelle explains. “Ensuring that your client’s goals and business needs are known and forefront as you approach each issue allows Bohreer Law Firm to differentiate itself and provide the best representation possible.”

Founding Bohreer Law Firm provided Michelle with the platform to establish a client-driven practice rooted in her belief in giving back to the community. “Our firm prides itself on our commitment to our local and global community while always striving to provide exceptional service to our clients,” Michelle emphasizes.

Selectivity is a cornerstone of Bohreer Law Firm’s approach, both in client representation and matter selection. “We want to make sure that we are always available when our clients need us and that we stay up-to-date and incredibly prepared in our primary focus areas,” Michelle asserts. Reflecting on advice from her past, Michelle recalls a partner at Anderson who emphasized the importance of personal service. “We are a personal service business. Once you stop giving personal service, you will stop getting business,” the partner had told her. This philosophy continues to underpin Bohreer Law Firm’s ethos.

Communication is paramount in Michelle’s advocacy philosophy. “Listening and understanding the circumstances, situation, and client needs provide a critical backdrop to effective advocacy,” she states. “If a lawyer doesn’t listen to their client, how is it possible for a lawyer to be acting in their client’s best interest?”

Michelle’s background as a CPA enriches her legal acumen, particularly in understanding financial documents and their implications. “Many companies must disclose pending litigation in audits or financial representations to a bank, and these representations may prevent the company from achieving its goals,” Michelle explains. “Cases that should be tried should be tried, but cases that can be resolved, issues that can be concluded without litigation, typically will best serve the client.”

Reflecting on her legal career, Michelle recounts a particularly complex commercial litigation matter where her unique understanding of tax reporting proved instrumental in uncovering fraud. “I felt very fortunate to be able to assist my client with this unique knowledge and to obtain a wonderful result under those circumstances,” Michelle recalls.

While multi-million-dollar judgments and successful defense against discrimination or harassment claims are undoubtedly satisfying, Michelle finds the greatest success in preventing problems before they escalate. “My greatest success comes when Bohreer Law Firm can stop a problem before it escalates,” she explains.

Michelle vividly remembers an instance where proactive measures prevented a potentially harmful situation. During sexual harassment training for a client, she uncovered a compromising situation involving a young receptionist. “We were able to immediately jump into action with the client and stop the inappropriate behavior before it escalated,” Michelle recounts. “My client was so grateful for the proactive work, and I was so glad to have been part of ending an incredibly difficult situation before it became unresolvable.”

Balancing Passion, Parenthood, and Professional Excellence

For Michelle, the integration of personal passions with professional pursuits is paramount in achieving success in the legal field. “Finding the intersection of your work life and your personal passion will make you a more successful person, not just a successful lawyer,” she advises.

From the outset of her career, Michelle recognized the importance of balancing her legal endeavors with her personal life goals. As a mother, she adapted her approach to client development, seamlessly blending family events with professional opportunities. “Once I had my son, I shifted client development opportunities to family events, which allowed me again to excel in my legal career while enjoying my time with my family,” Michelle explains.

Navigating the demands of a legal career requires resilience and adaptability. Michelle views challenges as opportunities for growth and greater success. “Realizing that I needed to set boundaries in the practice of law was difficult for me,” she admits. “Finding that blend of personal passion and business growth conquered the inevitable challenge of there not being enough time.”

Looking ahead, Bohreer Law Firm remains committed to its core values of client-driven service and strategic partnership. “In the coming years, we will continue to focus on client-driven service and being strategic partners with our clients,” Michelle affirms. “Additionally, we will continue to give back to our community. These focuses will allow us to grow and continue our success for years to come.”

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