Ajay Kumar, CEO & Co - Founder, AppVenturez

Ajay Kumar is Co- Founder and CEO at AppVenturez, who is in charge of managing and leading the company with zeal and dedication. He has guided the company toward business profits in a result-oriented environment while providing quality services, based on his years of proven experience in software development. Ajay is enthralled by programming languages and application development and is eager to learn more. With his expertise, guidance, and collaboration with other founders, the company has seen a 100 percent increase in revenue over the last three years. In the next few years, AppVenturez wants to double its company growth as a global tech service provider.


The year 2020 has been marked as a year of change for the business landscape in India and all across the globe. Among other parameters of the business lifecycle that were shaken, human resources have been one of them. The tumbling workforce sentiments during the Covid-19 pandemic caused a grave shift in employee perspectives, aspirations and attitudes. The present-day workers now look for a real meaning in their jobs, which goes beyond their monthly pay checks. They are drawn towards great, supportive cultures, where they feel understood, recognized and empowered. 

These changing employee expectations have put extra responsibilities on the shoulders of HR professionals, who are now seen to be actively changing gears, redesigning their talent strategy and amping up their efforts to create a great employee experience. Keeping the workforce happy, satisfied and motivated is of paramount importance in the current times, as happy employees are indeed more productive and efficient. As per a report by IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute, companies that rank among the top 25% on employee experience chart witness a 2x return on sales and almost a 3x return on assets.

As part of the evolving HR landscape, ensuring the well-being of employees has now become more important than ever. Modern-day employers have begun to introduce various physical and mental wellness programs including yoga, meditation, expert counselling, etc to ensure that employees feel at ease and peace. Safe and comfortable environments are being designed, where employees are encouraged to communicate openly about their health and stress issues, and seek guidance and support internally. Many organisations are also tying up with healthcare institutions to offer special care packages, free access to healthcare facilities, etc. to their employees.

Moreover, since the pandemic has infused feelings of financial uncertainty among the workforce, companies are going an extra mile to make their workers feel financially secure and protected. Initiatives such as salary hike, bonus, financial rewards, discount coupons, etc are being designed to offer some financial relief to people. 

Apart from this, a growing number of companies have now begun to embrace a strong culture of recognition, where employees are being duly praised and appreciated in a myriad different ways for their achievements and contributions to work. This practice makes employees feel valued, keeps their morale intact and triggers their motivation to perform better in future. As per a study, 69% of employees state that they would work harder if their efforts are recognized.  

Indian organisations are also walking the path of innovation while designing a robust talent management strategy. Elements of fun are enjoyment are beginning to form a core component of the culture, where employers are resorting to creative ways such as forming hobby clubs, social forums, etc to encourage non-work related interactions. A leading app development company recently introduced an innovative employee program called ‘Workation’, under which it takes its employees for an off-site for a period of 45-60 days. Employees are encouraged to virtually work from these relaxed locations and lounge their way to the weekend. During this period, the company also conducts a series of fun and engaging activities for all its people, which helps them unwind and be more productive.  

Needless to say, the dynamics of the HR industry are gradually transforming in the post-covid world. Happy and engaged employees can be the true assets for any organization. And, higher the number of assets, higher are the chances for organisational success!

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