Pooja Shukla, Co-Founder & COO, LearnKartS

Though online education has seen over 15 years of meaningful existence, 2020 will be known as a milestone year for the sector, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing students and parents to embrace e-learning as the most viable way of studying. While the world is expected to come out of the impact of the pandemic sooner than later, experts believe that e-learning is going to be part and parcel of everyone’s life co-existing with classroom or face-to-face teaching.  In the pandemic, many businesses have been adversely affected, many shut down, but for the e-Learning domain, the pandemic time has been a blessing in disguise. Due to the Online Self-Paced Learning (OSL), e-learning content demand has accelerated multifold. 

Universities and corporates have understood the importance of e-learning, and edtech platforms like  LearnKartS grew exponentially during this pandemic. “For us, the main challenge has been to manage the increased demand of e-learning content which by all means is a good problem to have. On the infrastructure side, the challenge has been to ensure the smooth functioning of the employees working from home from various locations across India. So equipping them with the required infrastructure and setting up a mutually benefitting work culture has been the focus for us in this testing times,” says Pooja Shukla, Co-Founder & COO, LearnKartS.

Partnering with B2B Customers (corporates and universities) for their end-end Training needs, LearnKartS covers the spectrum of deliverables right from curating & creating the e-Learning Training Content, Developing Capstone Projects, Demos, Assignments, and Assessments across Technical, Process, Compliance courses. Associated with a leading University like Manipal in helping them take their technical and management courses to an online platform, the company aims to partner with their B2B Clients to provide them the best-in-class e-learning artifacts. “On the product side our focus has been on providing online certification preparation course – PMP, PgMP, RMP, AWS, Security among many others to our learners,” adds Pooja.

Providing Top-Notch Solutions

Having worked for more than two decades in the IT Industry with some of the top MNCs, Pooja enjoyed driving the latest technologies and working with excellent teams across the globe,  but there was something still missing. That is when she joined hands with Himanshu, Co-founder, and CEO, LearnKartS, and established this company with a common mission to improve the quality of training material and to enable self-paced learning. “We strongly believed that in this age, content quality and on-demand training content is the need of the hour and could be a major game-changer, with that mission LearnKartS was established,” reminisces Pooja.

Initially, a rollercoaster which they overcame successfully with the help of their team, coaches, and mentors, Pooja has been fortunate right from the beginning of her career to have worked with great leaders and coaches. “I always believe that the best way to learn and grow is to learn every day from people around you, leaders around you, and situations around you. This enabled me to stay focused and overcome the challenges with poise,” says Pooja.

Attending client calls for the major part of the day, Pooja works on feedbacks, retrospectives, strategic planning, and business development activities. She opines, “Running a startup needs everything right from elementary to arduous, taking care of each of them with limited resources sometimes could be stressful.” With a super team in place who are self-driven and highly committed, Pooja has created a highly trust-based environment that allows her team to be honest and dedicated. Thorough with their work, along with making mistakes, help them learn and perfect the skill they want.

A people’s manager, Pooja feels her biggest achievement to be wanted to work with by everyone. Although revenue, numbers, growth, success is vital, she feels her team, employees, and customers are her biggest asset and the key milestone she has achieved. Working with many established companies like Simplilearn, Skillsoft, NASSCOM, Salesforce, Manipal University, Edureka, and many other pioneers in the IT and training Industry, LearnKartS plans to expand their services vertical to global tangents. Currently focusing on Pan India Market for its B2B Customers, LearnKartS is all set to have its footprints in the UK, US, and the markets in the rest of the world. “We are also working on becoming a focused ‘Certification Preparation Company’ and launch our products in the Global Market and become the largest e-Learning Content Company Globally,” concludes Pooja.

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