Nehaa Juneja, Founder, SkinWorks

Indian mothers and grandmothers know of homely remedies, and Indian kitchens are their treasure trove. From using turmeric for wounds to using neem for anti-bacterial, their arsenal of natural care is impressive and elaborative. 

The story of Gurugram based Skinworks too starts on similar lines, with a little girl growing up using orange and almond scrub, which her mother made in the kitchen. That simple routine gave birth to one of the most successful homegrown beauty brands in India. 

Founder Nehaa Juneja started Skinworks during the plunge of the pandemic with the sole aim to create natural, high-performing, and affordable beauty products that are safe for the users as well as the environment. 

The Homespun Story

Nehaa has always believed in the power of nature and was always an advocate of using organic products. However, the idea turned into a business proposition when she gave her childhood orange and almond scrub to her friends and received positive reviews. Sensing the potential of her natural beauty products, she realized that it is the secret that is meant to be shared with the world. 

SkinWorks is not only about scrubs and also offers a range of products, including face masks, makeup removers, and toners. These products are non-toxic and free from any preservative. The SkinWorks team ensures that their customers know that via mere lip-service telling them the ingredients and the procedure that entails manufacturing the products. 

Nehaa believes that the skincare industry is about the product and how the brand engages with its customers and has cracked the code to build a loyal audience. As a homegrown brand, most contacts with clients are on a one-on-one basis, which helps the SkinWorks team understand the product journey and the customer sentiment that goes into purchasing the product. This personal interaction adds a unique touch to the SkinWorks line of products and services. 

The team made its first sale on Instagram, which paved the way for future orders. While there were days when business was scarce, the team did not abandon its social media efforts. It continued to reach out to its audience, reminding them of their personal touch and the familiarity of their homegrown brand. 

“The consumer is aware, educated, and curious today and he is going to decide our future journey. That is why I put a lot of emphasis on customer feedback on my products. My focus remains on what makes the customer happy and satisfied with our range of products, and we let that guide us on our future path,” states Nehaa. 

The Hurdles on the Way 

One can call SkinWorks a pandemic baby – having incepted during the pandemic, the journey of the brand is inspirational. SkinWorks was incepted during the pandemic and didn’t affect the business negatively; however, with everything shut, sourcing the ingredients/ raw material was quite challenging. 

Initially, there weren’t many orders, but soon the word spread, and SkinWorks started getting recognized as a brand. However, the good news was short-lived as many outstation orders had to be cancelled due to the lack of courier services. Moreover, for a small brand, changing customer perceptions is an uphill climb, especially in the skincare sector, where many brands hold the roost for decades. 

But that did not stop the wheel, and for the first few months, the team maintained a three-product range and tried to stay connected with customers through their social media page. Their personal interactions, feedback, and client analysis helped improve the product’s quality, which further enabled SkinWorks to slowly but steadily carve their niche in the beauty market as one of the most value-enriched brands. 

As the tough gets going, the going gets tough and Nehaa tides through the challenges by staying true to her vision and abiding by her father’s words, who an entrepreneur himself told her to ‘Never let success to your head and failures to your heart.’ 

The Future Pathway 

With the world opening up and people getting back on the retail and self-care bandwagon, there is no better time for SkinWorks to launch new products to their elegant line. The team also looks at adding new categories to the SkinWorks catalogue and keeping the wheels well-oiled and the momentum going. Moreover, since social media is one of their most essential engagement funnels, the team will also expand its digital footprint and increase its customer database through social media platforms, online ads, and much more!

“We have been able to increase our operations and rise up to our current position because my focus has always been on quality in terms of product and customer engagement which automatically takes care of consumer satisfaction. I think the key is always to be receptive to new ideas and viewpoints other than your own. Also, never be afraid to ask for help when needed because if you don’t ask, you won’t receive it. After all, the skincare industry is all about making your customers happy!” signs off Nehaa. 

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