Kristina Madden, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer, Executive Career Upgrades

In the world of mindset coaching, one name stands out like a beacon of inspiration – Kristina Madden, the Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at ECU. With an unwavering passion for transforming lives and careers, Kristina has worked with over 5,000 professionals, helping them soar to new heights by unleashing their true potential.

For Kristina, mindset coaching is not just a job; it’s a calling that springs from a deep desire to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. “I have always believed that everyone possesses incredible untapped potential. My mission is to guide them in unlocking that hidden power and creating the best version of themselves,” Kristina shares.

Kristina’s journey into mindset coaching started with a remarkable insight during her illustrious career. As she worked closely with thousands of professionals, she realized that many high achievers were grappling with untapped potential, held back by self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Witnessing the transformative power of mindset coaching, she knew she had found her true calling.  “It’s all about understanding the individual’s unique journey and crafting a personalized roadmap to success,” she explains.

With her wealth of experience, Kristina has encountered and conquered numerous challenges faced by top executives. Imposter Syndrome, fear of failure, limiting beliefs, and work-life balance struggles are among the common obstacles she has helped clients overcome. “By guiding them to reframe their mindsets, embrace challenges, and acknowledge their achievements, I empower my clients to step into their leadership potential,” she proudly states.

Anecdotes of Transformation

The corridors of power and boardrooms are Kristina’s stage, where she collaborates with influential figures on their transformational journeys. Kristina’s coaching has led to numerous success stories that leave a lasting impact on her clients. “One of my most memorable clients was a tech industry Vice President,” Kristina recounts with a sparkle in her eyes. “She was struggling to align her career with her dreams and desired a role that would truly fulfill her ambitions.”

Through dedicated coaching, Kristina helped the VP find the clarity and confidence she needed to secure her dream role in a leading company. As an added bonus, her new position came with a substantial salary increase, solidifying her professional and personal satisfaction. “Witnessing such transformations is incredibly rewarding,” Kristina says with genuine pride in her work.

As a Results Coach, Kristina’s focus on tangible outcomes and measurable progress set her apart in the industry. Emphasizing self-awareness, positive affirmations, goal setting, visualization, and accountability, she equipped her clients with the tools to thrive and excel in their careers. “Every individual is a unique masterpiece, and so should be their coaching journey,” she says with conviction. “By tailoring our approach to cater to each client’s specific needs and aspirations, we ensure that they receive the most authentic and genuine support.” Kristina’s coaching had notable effects on companies on the Inc. 500 list, ranging from improved leadership and talent acquisition to enhanced growth mindset and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Turning Obstacles into Triumphs

No journey is without its share of challenges, and Kristina knows this all too well. “One of the most common obstacles I encounter is the fear of failure,” she reveals. “But it’s crucial to understand that failure is not the end; it’s an opportunity for growth. By reframing their mindset, I guide my clients to see failure as a stepping stone to success.”

One of the key elements in Kristina’s coaching strategy is empowering her clients to position themselves as leaders in the marketplace. “We focus on building strong personal brands and thought leadership,” she reveals with a knowing smile. “By helping our clients showcase their expertise and lead with authenticity, they gain the attention of top employers and position themselves as true leaders.”

Kristina understands the significance of mindfulness in fostering growth and resilience. “Mindfulness practices empower individuals to be self-aware, manage stress, and stay focused,” she explains with warm sincerity. “Through techniques like meditation, we nurture emotional well-being and a powerful inner drive to succeed.” In her coaching, Kristina embraced a holistic approach, incorporating mindfulness, emotional intelligence, goal setting, work-life balance, and a positive mindset to foster overall well-being and success.

Quenching the Thirst for Success

A thirst for success is a shared trait among executives, and Kristina knows how to quench it. “We focus on building strong personal brands and thought leadership,” she reveals. “By helping our clients showcase their expertise and lead with authenticity, they gain the attention of top employers and position themselves as leaders in the marketplace.”

Kristina understands the significance of mindfulness in fostering growth. “Mindfulness practices empower individuals to be self-aware, manage stress, and stay focused,” she explains. “Through techniques like meditation, we nurture emotional well-being, resilience, and a powerful inner drive to succeed.”

Kristina’s long-term vision for Executive Career Upgrades is focused on expanding its reach, continuous innovation, building partnerships, empowering diverse talent, and measuring impact. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and maintaining their commitment to excellence, Executive Career Upgrades aims to empower high achievers to reach their true potential and make lasting positive contributions to their careers and the companies it serves. “We aim to create an orchestra of professionals who have unleashed their potential and are making a positive impact on the world,” she exclaims. “By expanding our reach, forming partnerships, and continuously innovating, we will continue to be the catalysts of transformation.”

A Symphony That Inspires

In a world where potential often lies dormant, Kristina Madden is conducting a symphony of empowerment and inspiration. Through her genuine passion, personalized approach, and unyielding dedication, she has become a guiding light for professionals seeking to unlock their true power. As Kristina says, “There’s no greater joy than witnessing someone realize their full potential and soar to greatness. That’s what makes my journey as a mindset coach so fulfilling.”

Kristina Madden’s remarkable journey as a mindset coach and Chief People Officer was defined by her unwavering belief in the potential of individuals. Armed with empathy and expertise, she carved a path for thousands of professionals, transforming lives and careers along the way. As her legacy continued to ripple through the corporate realm, Kristina’s story became a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when one embraces their true potential and dares to dream beyond the confines of self-imposed limitations. With each success story, she reinforced the notion that with the right mindset and support, one could achieve greatness and unleash their fullest potential, propelling the world towards a brighter, more empowered future.

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