Ranjan Baisak, Co-Founder and CEO, AppiVa Software

When you attempt to fill a cup with water to the brim, it will spill. It might seem like an excellent option to fill the cup to its maximum point, as you get to drink more water. However, when moving the cup, it will spill, and valuable water gets wasted. The same is the case with a company that has an active field force. Along with several tasks that the on-ground employee must check-off their list, they are also expected to manually update the managers of their progress, fill up report sheets and clarify why they missed filling a specific sheet. All these takes valuable time in their working hours. Although it may seem like the above tasks take about five minutes, it should not be forgotten that a minute saved is a penny earned when it comes to a business process. This is where ezTask.io saves the day.

In 2009, when a couple of Ranjan Baisak’s friends quit their job and asked him to join their entrepreneurial journey, he was hesitant.  He was unsure how he could have a secure future with so many uncertainties. However, while working a full-time corporate job, Ranjan realized the importance of managing tasks effectively and how visiting multiple apps resulted in poor time management and wanted to resolve this issue with a comprehensive solution. With this thought churning in mind, he co-founded AppiVa Software Pvt. Ltd. with Bandita Baisak in 2016 and launched the my2do.in-app. This task management application effectively manages tasks so that an employee need not visit multiple apps.

Then in 2020, last year, together with a team of technology, management and design veterans who share a passion for solving critical business issues of enterprises, the company launched ezTask.io, a sales automation platform that focuses on reducing non-productive tasks and efforts incurred by the field sales team in capturing sales operations information in the CRM. It has been proven to enhance the productivity of the field sales team up to 30%. A cloud-based sales automation and team collaboration platform, ezTask.io helps carry the business solution to wherever and whenever the sales team needs it. Its real-time dashboard provides a 360-degree view of all its existing customers, new leads, and related data. Simultaneously, the advanced date-time based filtering system will help take a detailed instant snapshot of the business anytime.

ezTask.io resulted from Ranjan’s observation that several companies were losing valuable time on the field that could easily be translated into money. Available on Android and iOS platforms, ezTask.io is a smart and lightweight sales automation platform that comes with a dedicated dashboard with real-time performance reports to improve sales numbers.

ezTak.io empowers the Sales Team to capture their interactions in real-time and plan meticulously. With access to their calendars via mobile apps where and when they need them.  Prospects and clients today need quick responses to their questions. They need to have all information before they can make the buying decisions. And ezTask.io enables the modern sales teams to do just that. Having sales collaterals and other documentation in the sales process at their fingertips, sales representatives can build tremendous efficiency in their operations while making client engagements highly effective.

Likewise, Sales Managers and leaders get access to all the data of sales operations at the click of a button. They can delegate and assign work seamlessly through ezTask.io, not to forget the real-time view of pipelines, leads and sales.  The app employs a cloud-based sales assistant for field force automation and offers a dynamic pipeline to support customizing workflow.

AI-powered To-Do List

The task management product, my2do.in, on the other hand, allows the user to set, assign, delegate and share tasks and it’s status. Additionally, the user can set tasks for specific periods and tasks based on time and location. The user will be notified when the user is within the specified distance of the destination. The app also allows a task to have multiple participants. Each participant will be notified by mail/SMS/push notification about the task, and the response from participants is displayed to the owner of the task. Moreover, task attendees can chat with each other. It also offers a configurable view setting that allows for adding multiple calendars, task view, enable/disable SMS/mail management etc. The company is currently working on an update for the app—eZilly.

An Engineering Graduate from Utkal University, Orissa, Ranjan is a techie who loves to code. When AppiVa’s Cambodian client demanded the app be made compatible with the iOS platform, the team first looked for outside experts but realized that it was a learning curve. Ranjan, along with his tech team, rolled up their sleeves and got down to work. Within months, they could produce the desired results, fulfilling their client’s needs.

Having a customer base spanning the automobile, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sector, AppiVa is on its way to scale up and bring in pre-sales and post-sales AI-enabled support. In the long term, the team is hopeful about bringing project management, product management, marketing management etc., under a single umbrella, offering a host of AI-driven and automated solutions to their client’s benefit.

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