Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel, Founder, Spectrum Physio

A charming and vivacious young boy from a town with the agriculture cultivating belt in north Tamil Nadu, Dhanajeyan Jayavel grew up watching his blue-collar labours working hard in the yard and fields. He saw them working hard in the fields, loading and unloading heavy sacks of produce to and from the truck and struggling with body pain that seemed to stay throughout the year. He observed them pop painkillers that only gave them momentary relief. Through his friend’s father, who was a physiotherapist in the USA, Dhanajeyan came to know about how Physiotherapy can help alleviate pain with less to no medicine. This sparked an interest in young Dhanajeyan’s heart, and he set his mind to study more about it. When he started on his path to master Physiotherapy, he was least affected by the fact that the country had little interest in the subject and there were only a few physiotherapists then.

Fast forward 2006, Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel set up his first clinic in Bangalore, Spectrum Physio. A self-made man, he believes in giving back to the society-just like his role models, Mother Theresa and Ratan Tata-and wish to keep his philanthropic work anonymous. Following his father’s guiding words, to take the road least travelled, Dr.  Dhanajeyan has been a recognized professional in his field and also set up an association for physiotherapists- Bangalore Physiotherapist Network- and serves on the board as Founder and Managing Trustee. Dr. Dhanajeyan set up Spectrum Physio to fulfil his ambition of shaping up a team of physio doctors across the globe to help alleviate pain and lead a better lifestyle and to create physiotherapy leaders for tomorrow.

Spectrum Physio, with over 15+ years of experience of offering advanced and specialized training in manual therapy (Spinal manual therapy & Kinesiotape), physiotherapy and rehabilitation services along with sports injuries, is one of the largest chains of physiotherapy centres in Bangalore. The official Sports Physiotherapist for Indian indoor cricket team, Spectrum Physio is the official Physio for top list cycling events like Tour of Nilgiris, Great Malnad Challenge, Tour of Karnataka, Bangalore Bicycle Championship and Karnataka Forest Department Cycling, physio partner for 5K,10k, Marathon running events. Spectrum Warriors, the team owned by Spectrum Physio, is the title winner of Unite Physio League 2019 organized by Unite Physio Sports association. They are also the part of Spectrum racing team with topmost high-performance riders from various part of the world.

Proven Pain Management Efficacy

Spectrum Physio follows an advanced method of pain management and has higher-end rehabilitation set up including functional training and strength and conditioning that helps the patient to recover completely from the root cause. It also owns a special tailor-made software with detailed technology, where everything is monitored and tracked for the individual’s pain relief and recovery from disability to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, Spectrum Physio offers OPD, IPD, In-house physio, Sports Physiotherapy, Corporate wellness, Online work wellness sessions, Online Physiotherapy consultation and treatment and homecare services. DCT – Decompression therapy, an US FDA approved advanced machine which will help the individuals suffering from Spine problems can be cured without surgery in majority of cases. Spectrum Physio’s doctors understand the patient’s history along with the actual reason for pain, perform a physical examination and accordingly plan the treatment. These ensure that the patients do not have to carry an unnecessary financial burden. The doctors stress on quality and standard of care, patient health, cost-effectiveness and time management, and makes it a point to educate patients in detail about their medical condition.


Strictly adhering to providing systematic higher-end service and quality treatment, the brand has become synonymous for excellence and uniqueness in the healthcare industry. Even during the pandemic, where the usual mode of operations was uprooted and Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy clinics experienced a lot of challenges, Spectrum Physio stood its ground. “Physiotherapy is a treatment where it is impossible to maintain social distancing as the treatment includes manual therapy. However, we urged those patients willing to come down for their appointment to choose online consultation. This decision of ours helped us gain our patients’ trust when the lockdown was lifted and clinics were finding it challenging to generate the trust and make footfall, as everyone was so specific about precautions, sanitization and hygiene. We are expanding our services to various other sectors on preventive spine health care online and offline and looking for investors to expand across the globe, specifically to South Asia,” says Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel, Founder, Spectrum Physio.

A Team That Works in Unison

While Spectrum Physio’s non-clinical quality analysis team concentrate on improving and maintaining the quality of infrastructure facilities, the academic and clinical quality analysis team works on customized protocols that ensure best-in-class service for the patients. Meanwhile, the academic wing ensures regular training and knowledge transfer by encouraging doctors to take part in panel discussions. Spectrum Physio also conducts weekly academic and administrative meetings, and manager meetings every month, to maintain the quality of service. Each month the team of 30+ qualified and experienced physiotherapists and non-clinical team get together for lunch and participate in activities to renew and cherish the bond within the team.

Having collaborated with 10+ sports clubs and sports events in the country, Spectrum Physio’s sports therapists will be engaged around the year. Looking forward to setting new milestones, Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel plans to expand more Spectrum Physio centres across Bangalore and in 2022, pan India.

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