Tinna Jackson, Founder and Principal, Jackson Consulting Group

Tinna Jackson is a seasoned executive coach, certified emotional intelligence practitioner, and an accomplished, results-driven strategic operations expert. With a career spanning over 25 years, Tinna has successfully navigated non-profits, trade associations, law/lobby firms, defense contracting, and national politics as deputy chief of staff in the United States Senate and held C-level positions with a national political committee. Moreover, her background in personnel and human resources renders her with a charismatic ability to connect with people effortlessly as she develops and implements training and management processes that successfully staff diverse talent for critical management and executive positions. She is also a member of various professional organizations, such as the Center for Executive Coaching, the International Coaching Federation, the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, and the Forbes Coaches Council.

As the Founder and Principal at Jackson Consulting Group, Tinna is committed to helping others achieve success, to establish successful organizations and leaders. “Our vision is to be the go-to company for top-level executives and emerging leaders to develop meaningful and lasting change through inspiration, empowerment, and innovative strategies,” reveals Tinna.

Life Experiences that Helped Shape into a Successful Leader

Walking down memory lane, Tinna had a tough upbringing. She encountered numerous challenges and coped with the grief and loss of family members. However, these experiences contributed to her mental conditioning to be more resilient, calm and collected during times of crisis. “Having experienced many twists and turns, peaks, and valleys throughout my career, I have learned how to always stay the course and manage my emotions effectively, which are big factors in leadership development,” shares Tinna. Ultimately, these experiences assisted her in obtaining promotions and helped her become the inspiring leader she is today.

The Founding Story

Jackson Consulting Group is the brainchild of Tinna Jackson. She established her company out of deep concern for friends and colleagues with an impressive amount of subject matter expertise who were moving into leadership positions ill-equipped for the challenges they would eventually face in their roles. Having previously held various C-Suite positions in her career, Tinna knew that executives would get to certain points in their tenure when they would call to seek her advice on managing their teams, dealing with personnel issues, and communicating organizational change effectively. Tinna’s suggestions benefitted them, and the frequency of those calls intensified after a while.

In 2017, Jackson Consulting Group was born to help executives and emerging leaders create successful outcomes through straightforward tactics and solutions that promote self-awareness, inspirational motivation, and transformational leadership. Presently, the company offers three key solutions: people strategy, team development, and executive coaching.

Key Partner Benefits

“We provide an objective perspective to help identify and address blind spots and help clients gain clarity on strengths and opportunities with a development plan of action to reach individual and organizational goals,” states Tinna. Hence, by partnering with Jackson Consulting Group, clients derive improved organizational efficiency and productivity; more efficient problem-solving; improved employee engagement, and thriving corporate culture.

Onwards & Upwards Growth

Post-COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson Consulting Group witnessed increased growth which is resonated through the type of clients and the longevity of engagements the company has served and held. Tinna’s contribution as the Founder & Principal of the company has been in nurturing and maintaining relationships with her network of seasoned professionals and offering support. Moreover, her effective communication skills, problem-solving mindset, and strategic leadership prowess continue to attract new clients.

Most Successful Training Initiatives

Tinna’s most successful training initiative has been offering executive coaching for varying levels of leaders, including C-Suite. She considers her training successful when clients find value in the plan of action alone which garners excitement and supports the game plan for success. In addition, she views being fully transparent with a potential client at the outset as critical because the ultimate success relies heavily on the willingness of the client to commit and do the deep work necessary for improvement.

Tackling Challenges with Expertise and Experience

As the Founder & Principal of Jackson Consulting Group, Tinna encounters multiple challenges specific to how crowded the market is in management consulting and executive coaching. This is so because there are numerous advisors and coaches available than ever before.

What sets Tinna apart in client development is that she has a combination of over 25 years of battle-tested experience; various certifications in both executive coaching, emotional intelligence, and leadership assessments; served in C-level positions in her career and worked with leaders at the highest levels of U.S. government and national politics.

Significant Milestones

Reaching a C-level position with an organization and starting a business in management consulting and executive coaching have been the most significant milestones of Tinna’s career. These were special because becoming a part of the C-Suite was a confirmation that she had finally been recognized for the experiences and work she had achieved and was proud of. “Becoming my own boss by starting my own business has given me a path towards endless possibilities and impact,” mentions Tinna.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Coach

Tinna’s day begins around 4.30 am to 5.00 am, during the quiet and peaceful hours, which she devotes to reviewing and responding to emails, hydrating, and exercising. She works at home for a couple hours before heading to the office, and from then on, it’s meetings, calls, and strategizing and creating, which is never-ending. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea, immediately pulls out her laptop, and gets to work! Rather than feeling the pressure and getting anxious, she welcomes it as pressure helps her determine what resources she can pull from to achieve the desired result.

Additionally, Tinna is one of those leaders who are completely devoted and passionate about working on their goals and bringing them to life so that work doesn’t feel like work to them. Any type of unplugging for her is about setting boundaries on other situations and people who distract her from her purpose.

Hacks to Stay Focused

Staying focused can be challenging as one is being pulled in multiple directions with family commitments and working to keep up with clients, industry trends, and news. What truly works for Tinna is getting up early, keeping a schedule, and maintaining a routine designed to stay focused on her goals. She also keeps tabs on her vision board which helps her to stay aligned with her goals.

Roadmap to Fostering Innovation & Creativity at Workplace

From a seasoned coach’s perspective, Tinna believes that to create an environment that encourages innovation within an organization, leaders must ensure that the organization’s culture not only rewards good ideas but also supports taking risks and embracing change. They can begin by identifying the areas where changes can be made to maximize the potential for innovation. This could involve reviewing the existing systems, processes, and procedures to see if they are still relevant or if new strategies or approaches could yield better results.

Moreover, Tinna also suggests assessing the current technology used within the organization to ensure that it is the best fit for their needs. This assessment would involve a careful balance between the cost of implementing new technology and the expected returns on investment. Lastly, leaders must create an organizational culture that encourages collaboration and innovation. This means providing employees with the necessary tools, resources, and incentives to work together and create lasting solutions to challenges. It also involves providing support for employees who are willing to take risks and offer new ideas. By doing so, the firm will create a culture that fosters creativity and innovation.

A Note for Female Leaders

Even today, women continue to face unique challenges on the path to senior/executive leadership. Tinna considers these challenges an opportunity to build character, become more self-aware, and develop resilience while maintaining personal authenticity. To do so, Tinna recommends four essential pieces of advice for women leaders aiming for success in top management. Firstly, building solid relationships with peers and mentors and establishing connections with influential people will help open doors and create opportunities. Secondly, confidently voicing opinions, ideas, and suggestions and speaking up in the workplace are vital. Thirdly, believing in oneself, developing a growth mindset, and an ‘I can do it’ attitude are necessary. Finally, taking risks and being open to new possibilities can help women leaders break through barriers and lead to unexpected successes.

Work in Progress

Currently, Tinna is finalizing a program focusing on emotional intelligence as the foundation for leadership development. From this foundation, there will be programs for young professionals, women, BIPO, and emerging leaders. This program will be accompanied by online tools to support participants and create communities of empowerment. Moreover, given Tinna’s vast years of experience and expertise in strategic operations, additional offerings will be available in the near future.

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