Anthony Godley, CEO, Logix

Anthony Godley, CEO of Logix BPO, has over 15 years of experience bringing brands to market and delivering high-performance teams. He studied Business Administration and learned the fundamentals of economics, accounting, labour laws, and risk management. Following his education, Anthony spent 5 years working in the recruitment industry, where his education had little impact. However, during the following 15 years working as a Digital Director for multiple businesses across the UK and Australia, the tools he had acquired in college became quite valuable and were developed. Those skills later played an essential part in shaping the type of leader he aspired to be. Also, in his previous career, Anthony spent more than 10 years in digital marketing and 5 years in high-level talent acquisition. Now, Logix benefited from those years of ethical marketing and recruitment experience.

Overcoming Challenges

Coming from humble beginnings, Anthony supposes it is apt that Logix launched under similar circumstances. When he launched the business, he wanted to ensure that Logix benefited from the harrowing learning experiences of his life. “I wanted to ensure the business had no debt, so the business was launched and financed independently, and to this day, Logix has no debt, no loans, and no investment,” Anthony shares. Logix is a strong, independently owned business that delivers on key cultural virtues created to ensure that Anthony’s previous experiences working in unenjoyable and toxic environments were never replicated within Logix.

Logix BPO operates in a highly competitive industry. “In our early months of operation, it was a challenge to attract the best talent to our business with so many reputable competitors around us,” he adds. As Logix developed as a brand, its cultural virtues and exceptional employee benefits started to build a reputation, and talent attraction became much more straightforward. Now, talent attraction is the least of its concerns as Logix has the best talent queuing at its door. Logix benefits from a beautiful and rewarding working culture that promotes ethical and high-integrity working processes and rewards hard work.

Over the last few years, Logix has progressed well, and through 2022 Q1 to Q3 company experienced 100% growth, month on month. “The business evened out through Q4. However, 2022 was a massive success for Logix BPO. We plan to hire several hundred new team members through 2023,” Anthony shares.

Jennie Perez, HR and Finance Manager

Unique among the global BPO firms

Logix BPO had very humble beginnings. The business started from a co-working space on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. It was founded to create an enjoyable and productive working environment for its future team members. One of the first documents created was the Cultural Objectives of Logix. Anthony says, “This document was where the company started, our vision for the teams, our virtues for the culture, and how these cultural intentions would ensure that our partner’s investments with us were secure and that staff retention was high.”

Logix offers its partners access to the best-skilled people who are genuine, hard-working, and motivated to progress in their careers. The company has extremely high retention rates across all its teams, fueled by a distinctive culture. “We utilize only the most credible tools, software, and technology to ensure efficient workforces, protection of data, and live visibly on remote teams. A savvy business owner should be looking at Logix BPO when considering the development of remote teams,” he adds.

Winlove Tobamo, Customer Relationship Manager

Embracing Innovation while motivating team members

The culture of Logix BPO is not only important to the people who work there but has also been one of the key pillars of its success since its inception. Logix has built the business around core virtues encouraging high staff retention across its partner teams. Anthony says, “our teams are motivated, well-trained, supported, and have operational structures around them that ensure they are determined to remain within the Logix BPO network.” These highly skilled teams deliver efficient work, and the combination of efficient work, highly motivated teams and high retention protects their partner’s investment and delivers ROI. The technology within the operational framework does play a role in this delivery of ROI, but it is more geared toward data protection, privacy, and live visibility of team members as they operate. “Our culture has been shaped by a skilled leadership team that includes Jennie Perez, who heads up HR & Finance, and Winlove Tobamo, our Customer Relationship Manager,” he shares.

Logix has a very motivated workforce. The organization is selective with whom to hire, and brings in skilled resources that want to work, are career-minded, motivated, and align with our core virtues. Logix provides an exceptional employee benefits package that can rival any benefits package in the Philippines. “Our teams get access to coaching opportunities, incentives, social events, and various awards. We provide an enjoyable, friendly, and supportive environment for our teams to work in, which further ensures retention,” Anthony adds.

A Day in the Life of a Leader

At times when pressure is high, the well-oiled processes created by the company ensure that cracks do not appear while maintaining a very smooth delivery. Typically, Anthony’s day starts around 6:30 am – 7 am with an early morning jog or swim, and he gets to the office around 8:30 am. “I am heavily involved in sales and marketing across the business, and these are areas I thoroughly enjoy, so typically, my days are consumed with sales meetings, working on marketing strategy, and trying to make 3-4 perfect decisions per day to influence the business positively,” he shares.

Future Plans

Logix launched its Recruitment University in 2023. This service benefits customers by bringing exceptional graduates into a training program as interns and providing them with intense training, work behaviour, and business ethics insights ensuring that the organization partners have access to skilled resources well-prepared to join teams worldwide.

As a business, Logix is constantly innovating. The Logix BPO that will operate in 2024 is expected to be very different from the Logix BPO of today. However, any changes will be positive and made purely to deliver the core business virtues of Happy Teams & Happy Clients. “Through 2023, we plan to launch several new offices in the Philippines and a new office in Nottingham, UK. Our teams will grow, our technology will adapt to every changing need, and we are confident that our teams and partners will continue to be happy,” Anthony concludes.

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