James Michael Lafferty, CEO (Fine Hygienic Holding), Olympic Coach, Speaker and Corporate Trainer

We often look for inspiration to transform the way we perceive our abilities. James Michael Lafferty, CEO and a member of the Board of Directors at Fine Hygienic Holding, is one such inspiring leader who decided to seize the day, every day of his career.

As a father in his senior year, James started his business in the budding corporate wellness industry. Climbing up the corporate ladder, he began his career as a fitness instructor at Procter and Gamble in his hometown in the mid-1980s. His role was to teach executives how to become fitter, where he met a Brand Manager who encouraged him to pursue Brand Management within the company. This step taken at the end of 1985 paved a 25-year-long fruitful career path at P&G. Over the years, he expanded his knowledge, skills, and reach in the industry while assuming several CEO roles at P&G in the Philippines, Poland/Baltic States, The Near East, and Western Europe Paper. In his quest to create a paradigm shift in how business is conducted and the workforce productivity is enhanced, James proceeded to shoulder company growth through his CEO roles in Coca-Cola, British American Tobacco, and now Fine Hygienic Holding. “My story is simple—from the Weight Room to the Board Room! It shows that where you come from, what you studied, or how you start doesn’t matter. It’s all about the person. I am a huge believer in serendipity. You never know how life will turn out,” proclaims James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding.

Striking a Balance

James effortlessly manages to strike the right balance between his role as a CEO at FHH and his role as a professional athletic coach, which he holds dear to his heart. James believes, “Everyone in business has multiple roles and outside interests to manage. This gives us meaning in life and adds to one’s perspective and what they bring to the business. Some people have hobbies, others have volunteer work, and others dedicate themselves fully to raising a family. These activities help develop an individual to be more effective in the workplace. I am no different. I choose to help others and use sports as a teaching tool to drive improvement. We find the time for what is important to us.”

Motivating Employees to Bring their A-Game

He firmly believes that to attain the title of a global company, reshaping the office to infuse a global work ethic is essential. As he took on the role of CEO at Fine Hygienic Holding in 2018, he strongly advocated gender equality and encouraged living a healthy lifestyle through a fully equipped gym and open-space culture within the office. James introduced a meditation room, themed meeting rooms, unconventional desk spaces, inspirational quotes, round-the-clock gym availability, a fun skateboard ramp, suspended hammocks, and even a fireman’s poles between floors to boost creativity. These small, simple steps, James tells us, improve productivity, promote advancements within the workforce and increase the organization’s profits. In addition to these efforts, James and his wife Carol Lafferty personally lead fitness classes within the premises and encourage employees to focus on their health just as much as on work. Ultimately, a healthy and happy employee strives to attain set business goals while also bringing about personal growth and improvement, thus creating a win-win situation.

Leading in the FMCG Space

And FINE HYGIENIC has become quite the market leader, carving a niche in the FMCG domain. Recognized as one of the leading FCMG companies in the Middle East and North Africa, FHH, a tenured 65-year-old family company, is involved in making high-quality wellness products. The company’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings from consumer tissues to adult and baby diapers and a full line of disinfection products and nutritional supplements. The company manufactures many hygienic paper products, including facial tissues, kitchen towels, napkins, toilet paper, adult briefs, baby diapers, and jumbo rolls. “Our core brand is the “Fine” brand name, which is synonymous with tissues in this region. I am hugely honored to be asked to lead this great company with a rich history,” says James.

Headquartered in Jordan, FHH proffers a wide range of superior-quality products designed and developed to substantially improve health, whether through the company’s sterilized Fine tissue products, the long-lasting Fine Guard disinfection products, or the clinically proven Motiva supplements. “Every day, I receive letters of thanks from consumers worldwide who felt our products improved their lives. It really doesn’t get any better than this,” proudly adds James.

FHH continually innovates and stays ahead of market trends to maintain industry relevancy. When the world was ambushed by the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, FHH came to the aid. Having already begun steering the organization toward revolutionizing the wellness industry, when Covid struck, FHH swiftly shifted its focus on safeguarding the health of its consumers by developing the protective line, Fine Guard.

Shaping the Future

Having achieved a positive growth trajectory over the years, FHH aims to go public in the next five years. “I would like to see our company as a public company in 5 years and a shining example of the talent, innovation, and potential of our region. We are proud of our heritage, roots, and humble beginnings in Jordan. We honor our past,” explains James. With a long road ahead, the team of professionals at FHH has geared themselves to achieve their set goals and maintain their leadership position in this domain. As he signed off, James revealed to us what he believes to be a simple mantra for living the life that even he follows even today, “100 years from now, it won’t matter what kind of car I owned, how large my house was, or how much money I earned. But the world may be a different place because I was important in a child’s life. It’s all about serving humanity and giving back, especially to our children.”

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