Vijay Sharma, Country Head, Optoma Corporation

Vijay Kumar Sharma is Optoma Corporations’ Country Head for India. He leads the team ensuring top-of-the class delivery to develop, implement and achieve the company’s mission, vision and goals. A seasoned Business Management professional, Vijay develops Optoma’s India strategies to boost company’s prospects and ensure holistic support to relevant parties/people in the value chain. Vijay possesses strong leadership and team management skills which allow him to set high standards in his professional life. Pivotal in building up the scale of Optoma’s operations in India, his work profile includes setting business/operational goals and ensure that all the employees achieve Company’s objectives adhering to the value system.


As the digital media universe expands, home entertainment setups are evolving to incorporate the latest in technology and programming requirements. Projector technology has also advanced, making it more feasible for mainstream consumers than before. As TV and online entertainment trends continue to shape the market, projectors are expanding the boundaries of what people can achieve at their home for entertainment.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to dominate the DLP projector market. The major factors driving the scale and growth of the Asia-Pacific market are the increasing investments in the consumer electronics market, as well as the strong demand from the automotive, healthcare, and education and research markets. Owing to advantages such as large screen, HDR, reliability, reduced pixilation, durability, and portability, these projectors are becoming popular in the market. Conversely, high cost and lack of knowledge may hinder the global DLP projector market in future.

Gaming and e-sports, both as a hobby and competitive pursuit, is another entertainment trend that has grown significantly in Southeast Asia. These trends underscore the pace of digital adoption and the need for home entertainment systems that can deliver high-quality picture and sound to households with multiple devices and interests.

Home entertainment projectors have developed over time to provide a flexible, portable, low-cost alternative to flatscreen televisions, particularly in smaller rooms. This enables users to elevate the experiences of watching e-sports or other live sporting events – as well as at-home workouts – with just a white screen, or wall, and a wireless connection to a mobile device or tablet. While costs of TVs become prohibitive beyond 80 inches, projectors with 100-inch screens are more accessible to consumers who want theatre-like experiences at home.

Ultra-short throw projector models can be used in any size room due to technology that directs the image away from the screen, before reflecting it back onto the display to enable projection from much shorter distances. Users can easily adjust the viewing screen size from 60 inches up to 130 inches and create a 120-inch screen from mere 14 inches

The Indian home entertainment & projector market is witnessing double digit growth for past couple of years. Despite overall negative impact of the pandemic situation across the sector, there are new opportunities for Home Entertainment Projector market. Year 2020 and first half of 2021 magnified the already apparent shift from small screen digital devices and TV viewing to large screens which is continuing in 2022. Technological advancements in projectors are also playing a pivotal role through affordable 4K UHD products, long life laser light source, ultra-short throw projectors to reproduce 120 inches and bigger screen from inches and high brightness products

During 2021 and 1st quarter of 2022 we witnessed major demand coming from the home segment.  The consumers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities invested in internet and OTT subscription when they went to their home cities during the lockdown.  So, now when they will return to the metros, I don’t think that this demand will decrease, instead it will continue and shift as per demographic areas like from tier 2 to tier 3 to again back to metros. If we talk about the price point, mid-level projectors with a price range of Rs 1-2.5 lakh will be mostly in demand. In high end segment the maximum demand is in Laser TV Projectors and 4K UHD high end segment with the price range of Rs 5-7 lakh.

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