Dr. Bhushan Sahni, Founder, Infotrack Systems

In a short span of time, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business. Companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and their internal operations by three to four years. The advent of technology, changing demographics, and post covid-19 scenarios are forcing significant differences in the way organizations hired and managed their talent. HRs are no longer limited to doing the daily chores of hiring and managing employees but are also contributing data-driven insights that can help in strategic business decision-making. Thus, digitization acts as a catalyst for HR transformation in the future, carving out a more strategic role for HR in the business. With the new-age dynamic workforce distributed across geographies, and the majority working from home/remotely, organizations are grappling with multiple processes, multiple systems, and multiple time zones.

The established rules of HR need to be altered in correspondence with the evolving hierarchies, new organizational alliances, and demographic characteristics. These changing workspace dynamics require a complete overhaul of people management and policies. Technology is getting inter-twined and is re-writing the rules of business and HR. “Over and above these challenges, employee expectations demand a more inclusive, transparent, and integrated digital workplace experience. Hence there is a need for the HR Tech platforms to be intelligent, end-to-end, agile, accessible, and flexible”, points out Dr. Bhushan Sahni, Founder, Infotrack Systems.

An AI-based, unified, intuitive, scalable, and secure, intelligent HCM platform that gives the users a hassle-free and world-class experience, Infotrack System’s People Dynamics HCM Platform’s mobile-first approach provides the speed, agility, adaptability, transparency required by the modern workforce, and delivers enriching employee experience with maximum operational efficiency. Post the pandemic, the physical interaction between employees and HR is minimized, creating an urgent need for a secure, intelligent, and user-centric system. “The user-centric approach of Infotrack ensures that technology assists the employees in improving their productivity by ensuring that there is a perfect balance between ‘Work’ and ‘Life’ for the employee”, remarks Dr. Bhushan Sahni.

Founded in 1994 by a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in the IT Industry, Infotrack Systems has a cumulative experience of more than 27 years in the HCM domain, which is reflected in their products, processes, and best practices. Led by Dr. Bhushan with his vast experience in the field, Infotrack Systems have been able to help transform businesses for the greater good with their innovative vision. Their secure state-of-the-art products have gained a reputation for cost-effectiveness, reliability, robustness, and ease of implementation. Infotrack’s user-friendly solutions are engineered on the strong foundations of Object-Oriented Technologies and are completely integrated.

When Infotrack was initially started, a lot of people did not have confidence in the company. “India achieved Independence in 1947, but the mindset of some Indians did not come out of the slavery mode. As a result, Indians had minimum confidence in Indian products. They still believed that they are not capable of producing IPR. We had to initially struggle to convince them that Indian products are much better than the imported products”, states Dr. Bhushan.

Offering Customized Solutions

Providing state-of-the-art and end-to-end integrated, on-premise/on-private cloud solutions, Infotrack Systems is the only object-oriented AI-based HCM Solution that offers a comprehensive HR Suite, ER Suite, Contingent Workforce Suite, Retirement Benefits Suite, Travel Management, and ESOPs with an AI-based voice-enabled virtual assistant.

Infotrack RBMS is engineered on strong foundations providing a high degree of flexibility, scalability, extensibility, portability, reliability, robustness, and seamless integration IRBMS incorporates the best and the most reliable techniques that not only secure your present but also your future. The Pension administration software system facilitates the smooth and hassle-free administration of retirement benefits management. All aspects like superannuation, gratuity, accounting, pension trust management, and provident funds are easily managed through this portal. Employees get the facility to view PF balance and update PF yearly passbook in this pension management software in India. They can also avail handy tools like the pension calculation sheet and gratuity calculation sheet.

Providing a comprehensive suite of employee relations solutions for HR professionals, Infotrack System’s ER Suite Court Cases Management configures itself to meet the organization’s requirements, gain control of employee relations to advance business, accomplish business goals faster and with fewer incidents. This suite supports different practice areas such as investigations, grievances, litigation, appeals, and ethics for managing issues across legal, employee relations, and HR. “By leveraging our ER Suite platform and powerful content management capabilities, organizations are empowered to handle complex and unpredictable grievances more effectively with the support of contextual content and smart analytics”, states Dr. Bhushan.

Addressing issues that every HR has in mind, Infotrack brings to the HR tech space many innovations like machine learning for recruitment, AI-enabled virtual assistant, Power BI for data visualization, face recognition and biometric-based attendance, interactive dashboards for real-time data analysis, and powerful people analytics to engage the workforce and retain the right talent.  Providing a robust suite engine for effective decision support, Infotrack’s Neural Network-Based Analytics helps transform data into intelligence, making analytics simple and accessible. “Our services give any organization an upper hand as we know what is in trend in the HR industry. We help in leveraging effective talent management by accurately profiling and segmenting employees and enhance their productivity. Our products also help in rolling out targeted initiatives aimed at improving employee performance and motivate employees to contribute to their company’s growth”, opines Dr. Bhushan.

The products Infotrack Systems offers have made HCM a business transformation enabler with purpose-built-custom solutions, especially for the client. “Our modern age HR solution with technology can be integrated and implemented within any organization to increase people’s engagement, drive productivity, enhance top-line, and increase EBITDA margins”, says Dr. Bhushan.

Pillar of Growth – Employees at Infotrack

Defining standardized processes for their organizations, Infotrack System has a stringent and comprehensive quality management system along with their innovative methods to support continuous process refinement, service quality improvement, and maintain several certifications to ensure the highest standards of service and reliability for their customers. “We are strongly committed to the continuous improvement of the environment. We have commissioned a Mini Solar Power Plant to partially fulfil our its electricity needs and are consuming the green power produced by our own solar power plant. We are committed to reducing carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures and increasing the renewable energy component of our energy portfolio”, adds Dr. Bhushan.

Infotrack’s team comprises functional specialists in HCM, Finance, Payroll, Tax, Telecommunications, Command and Control Systems, Network Management, Simulation, etc. Software specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Predictive Analytics, BI/Business  Analytics, Object-Oriented Technology, Databases, Document Specialists specializing in Rational Rose and UML, Information Security specialists, etc.

Having been in the market for over 27 years, Infotrack Systems has serviced a broad range of organizations over this period. Infotrack products have made HCM a business transformation enabler with purpose-built-custom solutions, specially built for the client. The modern age HR solution with technology that can be integrated and implemented within any organization to increase people’s engagement, drive productivity, enhance top-line, and increase EBITDA margins. “We have provided our services to various companies ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune India 100 enterprises which include some of the leading companies, banks, and government agencies such as the World’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer— Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest private sector bank—HDFC Bank, India’s second-largest pharma company-Aurobindo Pharma Group (10 + companies), India’s progressive public sector fertilizer giant- Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers Group (GNFC), Prestigious Murugappa Group company- Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd, India’s largest retail giant Future Group (30+ companies), DCB Bank Ltd, SIDBI, ITC, Vesuvius”, enumerates Dr. Bhushan.

Delivering Customized Experiences

Endeavoring to deliver real business value by going far beyond by offering a mere HR processes automation tool, Infotrack Systems lead the HR Tech space with innovations like Machine Learning for Recruitment, AI-enabled Virtual assistant, Power BI for data visualization, Geo-fencing and geo-tagging, for the Mobile workforce, face recognition and biometric-based attendance, Interactive dashboard for real-time data analysis, powerful people analytics to engage the workforce and retain the right talent.

Infotrack aims to become a game-changer in this field with its intuitive, conversational virtual assistant powered by AI that uses NLP, NLU, deep learning, and self-learning neural networks. It is loaded with feature-rich functionality and an intuitive UX based on chat and voice recognition, all in a conversational tone that feels natural. Artificial intelligence and machine learning gather data anonymously and refine it into actionable intent, enabling a personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience.

While most of the HR products offer conventional Chatbots, Infotrack’s Digital Virtual Assistant goes way beyond, performing complex tasks; navigating the entire system, saving precious time and resources. One can directly converse with it on the go, as it is now available on mobile as well as the web. “We have a dedicated team working on innovative cutting edge technologies like Workforce Productivity Tools, Employee Well-Being and Work Management, Intelligent Communications, Intelligent Employee Experience Tools, Intelligence Self-Service and Sentiment Analytics. With our innovative technologies, we are taking a creative angle to be the most sought-after company in the HR Tech Sector globally”, concludes Dr. Bhushan.

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About Dr. Bhushan Sahni

Dr. Bhushan founded Infotrack Systems (P) Ltd in the year 1994 and he is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of Infotrack Systems (P) Ltd. Infotrack is a pioneer organization in the area of Object-Oriented Technologies and provides state-of-the-art IT solutions to leading corporates of India such as ITC, SIDBI, etc and also the Ministry of Defense, Government of India.

Dr. Bhushan obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence. He began his career as a member of the faculty of the Department of Computer Science. Later he worked for ICRISAT, a UN Organization.

Dr. Bhushan was conferred a Membership of the International Who’s Who in the Year 2005. He is one of the youngest Indians to be bestowed with this honor. He was also recognized by the IBC Cambridge, England as one amongst the 2000 leading intellectuals of the 21st Century for his contributions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Object Oriented Technologies. He was also awarded the Stony Carter award for Professional Excellence and Humanism in Feb’2005. He also enjoys astrology, palmistry, trekking and has deep interest in Yoga, Ayurveda and Bhagwad Gita.

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