Sohail Kayani, President and CEO of TIECHE Engineered Systems

Sohail Kayani serves as the President of TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.), an Automation Technology firm situated in California. With over two decades of experience in the Automation and AI industry, Sohail has held pivotal roles in some of the sector’s largest enterprises.

Having pursued his undergraduate degree in Engineering, Sohail further specialized in Automation and Robotics during his graduate studies. His expertise in critical facilities automation technologies has led to the development of several pioneering engineering strategies and automation products, widely acknowledged as industry benchmarks.

At the helm of TIECHE Engineered Systems, Sohail remains steadfast in his commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. “Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation drives us to ensure higher efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in Mission Critical Facilities through advanced automation and AI,” he emphasizes.

TIECHE Engineered Systems, established with a clear vision to address critical needs in telecom and data center automation, boasts 15 years of industry experience. The company specializes in delivering cutting-edge automation solutions that prioritize dependability and performance.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and client-centric engineering, TIECHE’s journey has been characterized by unique offerings tailored to mission-critical facilities. Sohail underscores, “We craft unique offerings tailored to mission-critical facilities, conducting comprehensive infrastructure analyses and proactively identifying potential failures.”

Moreover, TIECHE’s systems continuously monitor and adjust equipment utilization based on workload, optimizing energy efficiency and prolonging equipment lifespan. The company’s commitment to continuous research and development, particularly in AI and Machine Learning technologies, keeps them at the forefront of automation innovation.

Unlike conventional firms focused on specific product lines, TIECHE excels in curating integrated platforms using a blend of technologies to precisely align with clients’ unique requirements. This strategic approach ensures adaptability and effectiveness, enabling facilities to operate autonomously and with utmost reliability.

Precision in Automation

TIECHE Inc. was established with a clear vision: to provide automation solutions tailored specifically for mission-critical facilities in the telecom and data center sectors. Sohail reflects, “We observed that this sector of the industry lacked solution providers with specialized skills and focus fit for mission-critical applications.”

Unlike many competitors who adopt a generic approach across various industries, TIECHE’s philosophy resembles that of surgeons rather than general practitioners. “Surgeons must exhibit precision and cannot afford mistakes,” explains Sohail. This analogy underscores TIECHE’s commitment to delivering precise, reliable solutions for mission-critical environments.

The company’s founding ethos and ongoing differentiation are rooted in its unwavering dedication to technological advancement and client-centric engineering. Sohail emphasizes, “We prioritize the development of intelligent, dependable automation solutions specifically tailored for critical infrastructure applications.”

TIECHE’s success in securing and retaining Fortune 100 clients can be attributed to its strategic decision to specialize in a specific industry sector. Sohail elaborates, “Becoming the leading experts in Mission Critical Automation has allowed us to pour all our energies and expertise into understanding the needs and requirements of our target clients.”

At the core of TIECHE’s business approach lies a commitment to understanding clients’ business objectives and helping them achieve those objectives through meticulous adherence to requirements. “Our fundamental goals revolve around offering not merely automation solutions but a partnership that ensures mutual success,” Sohail affirms.

This client-centric philosophy permeates TIECHE’s work ethic and the performance of its delivered services and solutions. Through continuous innovation and a relentless focus on precision, TIECHE remains at the forefront of providing mission-critical automation solutions that empower clients to achieve their business objectives with confidence.

Leading the Charge

Central to TIECHE’s success lies its strategic focus on becoming the foremost expert in a specific industry sector. Specializing in Mission Critical Facilities Automation, TIECHE caters to sectors such as Data Centers and Telecom Switching Facilities, where operational integrity and reliability are paramount.

Sohail notes, “Our focus on fail-safe design for critical building automation systems was instrumental.” He highlights the industry’s tendency for automation systems to become points of failure, compromising operational integrity. TIECHE’s response was groundbreaking: the implementation of the DesOps Philosophy, focusing on operational and maintenance requirements for years after delivery, resulting in automation systems that not only meet performance and reliability requirements but also offer lower operational costs and increased longevity.

TIECHE’s commitment to leadership in Mission Critical Automation is evident in its investment in research and development. Rather than solely relying on available options, TIECHE has developed in-house products and solutions to stay ahead of industry needs. In 2015, the company introduced the ECOM Product line, specifically designed for small footprint telecom facilities. Sohail remarks, “The ECOM product line revolutionized automation for small telecom facilities with advanced technology, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.”

In 2018, TIECHE introduced SECOWEB Cloud, a secure, cloud-based Automation platform, offering organizations the ability to monitor and manage critical facilities remotely. The following year saw the deployment of Automation-X, an industry-leading Test Automation Platform. Sohail emphasizes, “Automation-X’s advantages extend beyond TIECHE’s core focus, providing added value to customers through increased reliability and performance.”

Exploring new frontiers, TIECHE is leveraging Automation-X in the Continuous Commissioning (CCx) Model, employing AI to monitor mission-critical facilities seamlessly. In 2023, TIECHE unveiled the Facility Factor © Facility Management Platform, a state-of-the-art solution with live data streams and embedded AI, empowering customers with secure access and control over their facilities online or via handheld devices.

Pioneering Efficiency

TIECHE’s automation solutions are meticulously engineered to conduct comprehensive infrastructure analyses. Sohail explains, “proactively identifying potential failures and swiftly activating redundant equipment when needed.” This proactive approach minimizes downtime and maximizes performance, ensuring operational continuity for mission-critical facilities.

Moreover, TIECHE’s systems continuously monitor and adjust equipment utilization based on workload, optimizing energy efficiency and extending equipment lifespan. Sohail elaborates, “We prioritize shedding operating equipment during favorable weather conditions and reduced network traffic periods, resulting in substantial cost savings and increased equipment longevity.”

TIECHE also implements economizers within facilities to leverage free cooling, further reducing energy consumption and generating substantial long-term savings for clients. Sohail emphasizes, “Our secure cloud-based Automation & Facility Management solutions provide clients with comprehensive infrastructure analyses and actionable recommendations, accessible from anywhere at any time.”

At the forefront of integrating AI into automation solutions, TIECHE remains committed to pioneering efficiency and reliability in mission-critical environments. Through continuous innovation and a proactive approach to facility management, TIECHE ensures that clients can operate with confidence, knowing their critical infrastructure is optimized for performance and sustainability.

Fostering Innovation

At TIECHE, a customer-centric approach is paramount. Sohail emphasizes, “With commitment to excellence in engineering and continuous research and development, particularly in AI and Machine Learning technologies.” Employees are nurtured to seek excellence in their work, guided by the ethos of “what can we do” rather than “what do we have to do.”

TIECHE specializes in providing technologically advanced Automation & AI solutions that ensure dependability and performance within mission-critical facilities. The company’s journey is marked by a commitment to innovation and investment in human resources. At TIECHE Inc., a culture of innovation and “out-of-the-box” thinking is fostered to promote professional growth and career advancement for team members.

Sohail’s leadership focuses on several key areas. Firstly, he prioritizes defining and establishing organizational goals and credo, coupled with effective communication and continuous reinforcement of the organizational commitment to innovation and excellence.

Secondly, a significant portion of his time is dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and valued. The leadership team promotes a culture that values innovation, creativity, learning from experiences, and prototyping. Financial commitments are made to promote progress and research, aligning organizational values, policies, and procedures with the goal of continuous improvement.

Lastly, TIECHE emphasizes focusing on the future rather than clinging to the past, actively rejecting the “we’ve always done it that way” excuse. Through Sohail’s leadership and the company’s dedication to fostering innovation, TIECHE remains at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions for mission-critical facilities.

Innovating for Success

TIECHE’s distinctive trajectory is shaped by a steadfast commitment to continuous research and development. Sohail highlights, “Oarticularly in AI and Machine Learning technologies.” Through these investments, TIECHE remains at the forefront of automation innovation, delivering tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability.

Unlike conventional firms with a narrow focus on specific product lines, TIECHE excels in curating integrated platforms using a blend of technologies to precisely align with clients’ unique requirements. Sohail emphasizes, “This strategic approach ensures adaptability and effectiveness, enabling facilities to operate autonomously and with utmost reliability.”

The success of these initiatives underscores TIECHE’s commitment to technological advancement through in-house R&D efforts. Supported by a dedicated team of engineers focused on preventing failures and ensuring client reliability, TIECHE operates under the philosophy of partnering with clients to understand their business goals and enhance business efficiency through technology integration.

About Facility Factor©

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About Josh Grinsted, Manager, Applied Services Division

Josh Grinsted heads up the Applied Services Division at TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE). Josh has over twenty years of experience in the Mission Critical Automation Industry. With his expertise in Automation technologies coupled with extensive knowledge of Mission Critical HVAC and Power Systems, Josh has been instrumental in the success of TIECHE. As a driven individual who thrives in challenging situations, Josh is also an avid runner and competes regularly in marathons across the US.


About Amr Mohammed, Engineering Manager

Amr Mohamed leads the Engineering and Field Support team at TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE). Amr possesses nine years of experience in engineering design and automation systems. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and his master’s in engineering management from California State University Northridge. As an expert in engineering design, Amr focuses on driving improvement within the company’s internal processes as well as the solution offered to customers.

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