Mark Weithorn, Founder and CEO, DPI Showcase Websites for Realtors

Mark Weithorn, the visionary Founder & CEO behind DPI Showcase Web Sites, embarked on a remarkable journey that seamlessly merged his passion for marketing and commercial photography with a keen eye for innovation. Armed with a degree from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, Mark’s career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive.

In his early days as a commercial photographer, Mark honed his craft, specializing in the art of product photography. However, his entrepreneurial spirit soon led him to new horizons. Teaming up with like-minded individuals, Mark became a pivotal partner in Khameleon Communications, an advertising agency renowned for its expertise in product development.

It was during this phase of vertical growth that DPI, an acronym for Digital Printers International, entered the scene. DPI started as a digital printing company with a unique niche—providing invaluable support to Realtors through postcard mailings. As Mark Weithorn fondly recalls, “DPI was originally Digital Printers International, headquartered in the vibrant landscape of North Miami Beach, Florida. One of our standout specialties was crafting postcard mailings tailored specifically for Realtors.”

As the company grew vertically, DPI boldly ventured into a new realm: the creation of cutting-edge websites tailored for Realtors and brokers alike. Mark vividly recounts a pivotal moment in 2004 when destiny intervened at a Realtor’s trade show in Atlanta. There, he crossed paths with a dynamic young programmer who had already devised an ingenious website system catered to Realtors. It was an instant synergy. The duo dedicated six months to retooling and enhancing the system, ultimately launching a visionary marketing campaign targeting Realtors nationwide.

However, as the technological landscape continued to evolve, the printing industry faced a decline while the website division soared to new heights. In 2008, Mark made a strategic decision, divesting the printing division and rebranding the company under the distinguished banner of DPI Showcase Web Sites. Today, a staggering 19 years of consistent growth underpins the remarkable journey of DPI Showcase Web Sites, a testament to Mark’s unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability.

Exceptional Customer Service: A Cornerstone of DPI’s Success

In the fast-paced world of technology, where automated systems and distant interactions have become the norm, DPI Showcase Web Sites stands apart with an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. As Mark succinctly puts it, “Customer service is at the heart of our operations.”

In an era where many tech companies resort to minimal customer engagement, often hidden behind impersonal emails and telephone bots, DPI takes a different path. Here, every client is assigned a personal web designer, ensuring a dedicated point of contact for edits, queries, and concerns. Beyond this, DPI goes the extra mile by arranging training sessions via Zoom, where Realtors are guided on effectively utilizing their websites, leveraging social media, and gaining valuable insights into lead generation. It’s a personal touch that truly sets DPI apart.

DPI’s commitment extends beyond the surface, with a focus on making technology accessible and enjoyable for both Realtors and their clients. Before implementing any new feature, the company asks a crucial question: “How can we make this process more efficient and user-friendly?” Unlike competitors offering one-size-fits-all templated websites with dated technology, DPI recognizes the uniqueness of each Realtor’s style and niche, tailoring solutions accordingly.

Moreover, in acknowledgment of the challenges faced by Realtors in a dynamically changing real estate landscape, DPI has taken a proactive step by waiving all setup and design fees. Mark emphasizes, “Realtors are hard-working individuals, and we aim to support rather than burden them.”

The underlying philosophy at DPI can be summed up in the KISS method – “Keep IT Systems Simple.” DPI’s website systems are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that even non-technical users can navigate them effortlessly. This approach prevents frustration and ensures that Realtors make the most of their digital tools.

What truly sets DPI apart is its integration of cutting-edge technology, including automated AI features. For instance, when a client expresses interest in a property and clicks on “Contact Agent,” the Realtor receives an email and text alert instantly. The client is seamlessly entered into the client management system (CRM) and starts receiving automated updates, such as daily emails with new listings and informative newsletters. Realtors, in turn, receive alerts when clients browse properties on their websites. This level of automation not only streamlines operations but also frees up valuable time for Realtors.

In a landscape where part-time Realtors make up a significant portion of the industry, DPI recognizes the importance of a professional online presence. As Mark points out, “A proper website is the first step in convincing potential clients that you’re a legitimate Realtor. An effective online presence is non-negotiable in today’s digital age.”

Challenges persist, including the fact that most clients begin their real estate searches on platforms like Zillow or, which often feature competing agents’ information. DPI’s strategy aims to shift this dynamic by encouraging clients to conduct their real estate searches directly on the Realtor’s website, thereby enabling Realtors to maintain control over their client relationships.

Customer support remains a linchpin of DPI’s success story. Mark aptly states, “Creating a website is akin to building a fancy car; it’s useless if it just sits in the garage. It must be driven, or in our case, used.” In an age where client interactions are increasingly relegated to automated systems, DPI stands out by answering the phone and engaging directly with clients.

Furthermore, recognizing the knowledge gap in the real estate industry, DPI has taken proactive steps to educate Realtors. For 25 years, Mark has been teaching marketing classes, sharing invaluable “how-to” knowledge on lead generation and client service. The company’s YouTube channel, featuring “Two Minute Tech Tips” videos, is a testament to its commitment to empowering Realtors with the skills they need to thrive.

Creating Seamless User Experiences: The Art of Automation

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Mark and DPI Showcase Web Sites are on a mission that might seem paradoxical at first glance: to make complex processes simpler. This is a testament to their commitment to providing Realtors and their clients with the ultimate user experience.

The conundrum they face is that simplifying user interfaces and automating tasks often require intricate programming. It might appear counterintuitive, but as Mark astutely observes, “From a programming standpoint, it’s much easier to let a person manually drive a car. However, the sheer volume of programming behind features like cruise control or self-driving vehicles is immense.”

DPI’s primary objective is to automate as much as possible, firmly believing that a seamless user experience is the cornerstone of success. Marks shares, “To make your program easy to use, in our case, for Realtors and their clients, demands an immense amount of programming prowess.”

In the challenging arena of search engine optimization (SEO), where giants like Zillow and dominate the first page of Google for popular search terms like “Miami Homes For Sale,” DPI recognizes the uphill battle that average Realtors face in achieving top rankings. These behemoth companies boast substantial budgets to secure their positions.

However, DPI refuses to leave Realtors to fend for themselves. Instead, they offer innovative tools and comprehensive training on alternative marketing strategies, empowering Realtors to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

For instance, DPI automates blogging for its clients, strategically placing text on their websites that search engines can readily index. Furthermore, these articles are automatically shared on LinkedIn, and with a single click, Realtors can effortlessly post them on Facebook. This multifaceted approach not only enhances online visibility but also sidesteps the high costs associated with securing prime positions on platforms like Zillow.

Staying Updated with Technological Shifts

In the fast-paced world of real estate technology, DPI Showcase Web Sites has not only adapted to change but embraced it as a driving force behind its success story. Their journey began long before the advent of the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) system, a time when Realtors faced the cumbersome task of manually inputting listings onto their websites, effectively using them as digital business cards.

However, when the IDX system emerged, DPI immediately recognized the transformative potential it held and swiftly integrated it into their websites. This proactive approach allowed Realtors to automate listing updates, providing a seamless and efficient browsing experience for their clients.

Mark understands that the key to success in the realm of technology is perpetual evolution. He emphasizes, “Never rest on your laurels. We are constantly adding or upgrading features.” This commitment to progress has been recently exemplified by DPI’s enhancements to its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, incorporating more automated and AI-driven functions. Additionally, they have improved the visibility of properties in search results, continually refining their offerings.

Over the years, DPI has amassed an extensive database featuring thousands of new and existing developments, complete with floor plans. Remarkably, they have managed to maintain a consistent monthly subscription fee for Realtors while continuously enriching their services. This approach not only simplifies the Realtor’s experience but also eliminates the need for multiple costly subscriptions.

As they look ahead, DPI is embarking on an exciting new venture—the creation of AI widgets that seamlessly integrate into their system. These innovative tools are designed to empower Realtors, equipping them with automated resources to enhance their salesmanship.

In a landscape where online options for property research are abundant, with platforms like Zillow and taking the lead, DPI’s goal is clear: to recapture potential clients and redirect them towards their Realtor’s personalized website. By offering an array of AI-driven widgets and tools, DPI aims to provide both Realtors and their clients with an enriched transaction experience.

AI is undeniably the new frontier in real estate technology, and DPI is at the forefront of this transformative wave. Their commitment to staying at the cutting edge of innovation ensures that Realtors and their clients will have access to state-of-the-art tools and resources, ultimately reshaping the way real estate transactions are conducted.

A Dream Team: The Heartbeat of DPI’s Success

Behind every successful business, there is a cohesive team that orchestrates its triumphs. Mark Weithorn, the driving force behind DPI Showcase Web Sites, recognizes the paramount importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving their goals. As he aptly puts it, “Running a successful business is a team effort. No one can do it by themselves.”

Drawing a parallel to the intricacies of managing a warehouse, Mark highlights the ripple effect that even a minor oversight can have throughout an organization’s hierarchy. In the tech-driven world of DPI, this principle holds true. DPI boasts a formidable team consisting of programmers, web designers, and dedicated customer support professionals, all united by a shared vision and commitment to excellence.

One of DPI’s secret weapons is its daily production meetings, where ideas flow freely, and the focus remains on continual improvement. It’s within these discussions that the team collaboratively explores how to enhance their product further. This commitment to continuous refinement has resulted in a product that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of its clientele.

In the tech industry, where both technology and market conditions undergo constant flux, the role of a CEO extends beyond traditional boundaries. Mark embraces this multifaceted role, emphasizing the need to stay attuned to the shifting environment. Monitoring industry trends and responding with agility is paramount in navigating the ever-changing landscape. Mark aptly concludes, “Part of being the CEO is to keep your ear to the ground, looking for changes in the environment, and then changing course as needed.”

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