David Paulin, Vice President, Always Underground Inc

David Paulin, Vice President at Always Underground Inc (AUI), has been leading and managing complex and innovative underground engineering projects for over a decade. He has a strong background and expertise in underground construction, design, and maintenance, as well as in safety, risk, and environmental management. He has successfully delivered multiple underground projects for various clients, including public, private, and industrial sectors, across different geographies and terrains.

As a visionary leader, David is deeply passionate about finding creative and sustainable solutions for underground challenges and enjoys collaborating with diverse and talented teams of engineers, architects, contractors, and stakeholders. His goal is to continue to leverage his skills and experience to deliver high-quality and cost-effective underground engineering services that meet the needs and expectations of his clients and partners.

Let’s delve into David’s remarkable journey which serves as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of underground infrastructure leaders.

Professional Trajectory

David was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. He started his career as a laborer in the field, worked as an equipment operator, and went on to become a crew lead. From there, he acquired a solid foundation of business knowledge and became a general foreman. He was bestowed the role of Vice President where he is currently responsible for managing day-to-day operations, equipment purchases, wage hikes, and making sure AUI stays compliant with all the legal departments.

Moreover, David’s ability to identify opportunities and take calculated risks has been instrumental in driving AUI’s growth. He also ensures to promote of AUI in a way that could help others achieve their dreams and goals. “I strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance in life as sometimes you don’t make the right choices first,” asserts David. “I do not believe that should impact who you are today.”

Always Underground Inc: Building Trust with Quality Work

Based out of Lake Village, Indiana, United States, Always Underground Inc is a full-service Woman Owned Business, design-build utility construction company specializing in aerial and underground projects. With over 60 years of experience, AUI has been providing 24/7 emergency response to the most challenging projects. The company’s design, build, turn-up, and test teams are well-positioned throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and eastern Missouri to be able to assist clients promptly and efficiently. In addition, AUI’s emergency response crews have mobilized support to storm damage and other natural disasters for decades. Beginning its journey with a 3-person operation, AUI has now exceeded 200 employees and aspires to become a 400-employee company in the near future.

But what truly sets AUI apart from other market competitors is that the company works with all stakeholders to bring quality, infrastructure projects to life. Furthermore, the company’s foundation is built on strong core values of safety, quality, quantity, and leadership, thereby making it a trusted partner. “We succeed by giving each customer a quality product,” shares David. AUI is now working on SIFI-Rockford 6.2 million feet, Kenosha 3.2 million feet, and SIFI-Farmington 2.8 million feet projects.

Premium Service Offerings

AUI offers an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality construction every time. Likewise, AUI’s relationships with over 80 jurisdictions in the Midwest provide clients assurance that their projects will be completed on time and on budget.

Overcoming Challenges

AUI is an expert when it comes to handling challenges while executing wireless/wireline, aerial, and underground projects. For instance, there was an obstruction on the path when the AUI team reached the project site. Practically, this would be a task that AUI would not permit. However, without getting flustered over the roadblock, the AUI team connected and brainstormed with the customer to find a route that worked best for them. Other instances have been when there were several snowstorms, rainstorms, and windstorms that put the customers out of service. Without wasting time, the AUI team was dispatched, new utility poles were set up, lines were back up, and the customers were back in service in a 4-hour window.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Since its inception, AUI has maintained a high level of expertise among its teams, ensuring they stay updated with the latest industry trends. They do this by attending training from different suppliers and training through IBEW to keep men and women up to date on the newest technologies. Moreover, as a Woman-Owned Business, AUI actively promotes diversity and inclusion by hiring women and minorities not only in the office but also out in the field as front-line managers.

Community Engagement Projects

As part of its community engagement and social responsibility initiatives, AUI has supported the Lake Village Little League for 10 years and has also made donations to its newest state-of-the-art baseball field.

A Hands-on Leader

Throughout his career, David’s strategic decision-making and willingness to embrace change have set him apart as a visionary leader. He is a trusted advisor, ensuring that every project he touches meets and even exceeds client expectations. Similarly, his leadership extends to his ability to recruit, direct, and supervise a talented pool of design engineers, technicians, and consultants, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environment.

When it comes to his leadership philosophy, David is a very hands-on leader who works alongside his team members to help them make decisions over difficult tasks. As a leader, he is always committed to helping others become the best version of themselves and excel.

Leading a Fulfilled Life

David currently resides in Lake Village Indiana with his beautiful wife and son River. In spare time, he enjoys going to Minnesota to his family cabin to fish and relax. He is also highly engaged in the community he lives in and will be running to be on the Board of the Baseball division next year.

The Road Ahead

Going forward, AUI plans to become a 100-million-dollar company. “We are also planning to expand into the southeast to take on new partnerships with other utility companies to help support some of that growth,” concludes David.

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