Ira Agarwal, CGO, Veersa Technologies and Advisory Board Member, AAPNA Infotech

Today, digital transformation that has subsequently led to business model innovation has disrupted many markets. This change inspires business owners to invest in advancing technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, cloud-based data analytics, and blockchain. While these technologies enable businesses to rethink how information is consolidated, data analysed, and decision-making improved, most business leaders have yet to fully understand and implement a business strategy involving these technologies. While aware of the untapped potential of implementing emerging technologies, most business leaders should seamlessly and successfully deploy them within their organization.

Ahead of most top executives and on par with trending technologies is business titan Ira Agarwal with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. She holds the Chief Growth Officer position at Veersa Technologies, leading the company to achieve unprecedented organizational growth and promotion at the global level. The company works with several technologies such as ML, AI, IoT, blockchain, unstructured data analysis, advanced UI technologies, and cloud-based data analytics solutions. The organization was established with the vision to develop software technologies that disrupt the implementation of “Systems of Innovation” for its customers in tandem with the mission to harness the power of trending technologies and utilize the deep insights attained to revolutionize businesses.

Veersa Technologies proprietary data ingestion of ML modeling platforms, curated data assets, and in-depth technical expertise helps customer to avail quick time-to-market solutions and eliminate any business challenges solved through highly advanced ML and data analytics offerings.

As Ira embarked upon the journey of CGO at Veersa Technologies, the reins have been handed over to her to help steer the business through client management, organization promotion at a global platform, business expansion, and alignment with the latest industry trends and technologies. Ira ensures increased collaboration through networking, building alliances and partnerships, implementation of the latest analytical tools and technologies, and utilization of marketing automation and social media intelligence.

Displaying Great Versatility

In addition, Ira effortlessly juggled and continues juggling multiple roles. She also holds a prestigious position as the Advisory Board Member at AAPNA InfoTech. This role demands her to proffer new insights, strengthen technology COEs, and scale the business. She steers the reins of the organization’s digital transformation. The organization specializes in Enterprise Application Development, Robotics Process Automation, Hyper Automation, Mobile Application Development and Quality Assurance.

Before commencing her career as a working professional, Ira completed Engineering in Computer Science; Project Management from the University of California, Berkeley. In her two-decade-long fulfilling career, Ira has worked with many well-renowned Fortune 100 companies that have helped her shape the career path she looks back at today. With her complete market understanding, curiosity to drive innovation, and industry-rich expertise, she led tech delivery operations & managed Innovation centres of TCS, HCL America, and Genpact, to name a few. In her various roles, she has helped clients unravel the power of data and AI, enhance delivery and create novel digital experiences that would help businesses catapult to greater heights. In roles primarily viewed as a male-dominated industry, Ira has surpassed every expectation in the sales and marketing domain while attaining IT business growth.

Gaining Well-deserved Recognition

And it is through her impressive work that Ira has been recognized as a true business leader and received several accolades. She topped LEAP program (Leadership Excellence Acceleration program) constituted by Duke Corporation Education, a spun out of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. This program is a constant recipient of the BRANDON HALL OF FAME GOLD AWARDs. Over the years, Ira has made huge impact on the IT industry with her outstanding performance, business expansion, innovation, and excellence in delivery. She has published research/white Papers, blogs and articles on Prediction Models, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intuition, RPA, Digital Centre of Excellence, DevOps and Mobile Testing.

Some of her other notable accomplishments are the Genpact prestigious Diamond Awards for exceptional Innovation, Performance, and Demonstration of Values and Genpact Confluence Award and Gold Award for extraordinary Global Delivery Management, Customer Delight, and Thought-Leadership. She has also featured as Global IT Women Leader in Genpact’s Gender Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative. In conjunction with this, Ira has also received the Techspan Gold Star Award and Headstrong Pillar of Strength Award for superlative performance and excellence.

Furthermore, she was recently featured in the Million STEM Campaign as one of the top 50 female role models that inspire the next generation of women in the tech space. She continually strives to make a difference and contributes to a gamut of social initiatives. She also promotes and supports girls’ education and that of underprivileged children. With digitization taking over, she conducts online classes for the less educated class of women and has built numerous tinkering labs for school students. Her work has been appreciated, and she has been awarded the WILL Women’s Choice Awards 2022 and 2021, Global Achiever Award 2022 by Indian Achiever Forum, Global Women Inspiration Award 2021 by I CAN Foundation, and Emerging Women Leader in Technology Innovation Award 2021 by GISR Foundation & IIWA.

Bringing about Positive Change

The growth she has achieved in just over two decades is astounding and well-deserved and is only possible through her relentless perseverance and drive to bring about a positive change in this industry. She is an incredibly proud mentor that derives pleasure in nurturing young talents who have gone on to excel in their specific fields of interest. As she signs off, she shares with us what she feels is the mantra for holding one of the leadership positions through continuous skill enhancement. This can be achieved through social media engagement, technical conferences, comprehensive training, and networking with the industry’s tech gurus to stay updated on the current market and industry trends. Ira envisages continuing to make a difference in this domain through her sheer commitment and skills.

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