Deepika Arora, Founder, Rosakue Hospitality

As the world comes to a new normal, people have begun traveling and enjoying life after two years of lockdowns and restrictions. Though the hospitality industry took a hit, it has bounced back much stronger and more vibrantly in the last few months and is truly living up to people’s experience of a good time. Rosakue Hospitality is no exception. With its picturesque rooms and rustic themes, its accommodation is a perfect choice for a relaxing stay.

Rosakue Hospitality has boutique, lifestyle homes across the country, i.e. Nainital, Gurugram, Kolkata, Jaipur, Goa, and most recently, Shimla. As an entrepreneur, Deepika Arora, the founder of Rosakue Hospitality, says, “Entrepreneurship is no cakewalk, but the challenge doubled for me as I was carving my path in a male-dominated industry. My background as an architect and core experience working with global hospitality brands gave me a head start. Having said that, everyday life has been throwing new lemons at me, and I have been making lemonade…my way.” As she continues her journey to grow and thrive in the hospitality industry, she has proven to be one of the most inspiring businesswomen in India.

Deepika understands that growing a new brand in a relatively new niche segment has its trials and tribulations. These have been further amplified by the past two years of the pandemic. Nonetheless, Rosakue Hospitality continues to steadfastly deal with uncertainty due to new variants, global tensions, and frequent ‘stop-start’ scenarios. “The situation demands a regular reassessment of strategies and realignment of plans. Surprises spring at every step, but so do the thrills,” she shares.

Simple Beginnings

Over the first three years since its inception, Rosakue has established a presence across six states with 12 homes and 12 more in the pipeline for launch by the end of the year. The home retreats have successfully built a steady and repeat clientele base. However, Deepika knows that there is a long road ahead and is gearing up to accelerate.

Rosakue Hospitality is the coming together of industry leaders and experts to assist with the operations of handpicked, exclusive hospitality assets offering curated lifestyle experiences. The brand is poised to be India’s leading hospitality company, aiming to create and nurture shared values within locations and communities via local employment generation, upskilling and sustainability initiatives.

While Rosakue Hospitality is a hospitality company, they do not identify as ‘hotels’ in the conventional sense. Rosakue is your perfect homestay. “Each of our properties is a lifestyle ‘H.O.M.E.’ with hospitality that is outstanding, memorable, and enjoyable. The merger of these elements makes us unlike any other in the sector,” explains Deepika.

Facing all Odds

Despite the unprecedented global scenario, Rosakue Hospitality has much to cherish. By sustaining the team’s motivation and managing to scrape through with the inevitable financial dents, Deepika reinforced their driving philosophy: ‘If you have the passion, we have the patience.’ In her opinion, an organization’s culture reflects ‘ways to do things.’ Rosakue’s approach of ‘patience and passion’ in an atmosphere that encourages ‘passion to succeed’ has helped steer the team ahead, despite the setbacks of the pandemic.

“As our properties are boutique lifestyle homes, we managed our team by inculcating the 4-Cs of compassion, care, concern, and connectivity,” Deepika shares. Capitalizing on the strength of relationship management, Rosakue Hospitality remains connected with guests and associates through the trying times. In parallel, the management made optimum use of the downtime during the lockdowns to strengthen the brand essence and refine business strategy in preparation for normalcy.

As a person from the corporate world, who has waded through many levels of ‘compulsion of the corporate framework,’ adoption of this entrepreneurial journey has been manageable for Deepika, though not without the burdens of financial constraints and pain. “My work is my elixir, but when my first love (Rosakue) is not on my mind, I like to work out, party and spend time with my little girl,” she explains.

Today, she actively focuses on escalating the brand to the next level by selectively adding properties in more destinations to the portfolio and continuing to strengthen Rosakue Hospitality’s position in this segment to cater to travelers’ ever-growing desire to explore new destinations and experiential stays.

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