Kulmeet Bawa, President and MD, SAP Indian Subcontinent

Kulmeet Bawa is the principal driver of SAP’s growth and innovation strategies in the Indian Subcontinent. He is responsible for delivering an exceptional SAP experience for employees and customers across our ecosystem, as well as guiding businesses in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to adopt a digital-first mindset. As a business leader with cross functional experience of over 25 years, Kulmeet has an extensive understanding of enterprises and their needs in today’s digital era.


As SAP India celebrates 25 glorious years of being a market leader in enterprise application software, here are 25 things about SAP in India:

SAP in India
  1. Pioneering Research: The second largest research and development hub for SAP
  2. Unparalleled Growth: SAP India is the fastest growing market for SAP
  3. Family Culture: 13,000 proud Indians innovate and collaborate at SAP
  4. Sustainability Effort – Winner of Golden Peacock Award for Sustainability (GPAS)
  5. Digital Literacy for All: SAP India’s Code Unnati includes 8,00,000 children and adolescents with digitally literacy
  6. Great Place to Work: Certified as one of India’s Best Companies to Work for 2 years in a row.
  7. Gender Equality: The first multinational technology company to receive EDGE certification for gender equality
  8. Home for All: Embraces all-inclusive culture respecting race, creed, and ethnicity
Empowering India
  1. Economic Contribution – 60% of India’s GDP touches an SAP system
  2. Enabling White Revolution – SAP India impacts the lives of 40 lakh farmers in the dairy industry
  3. Citizen Centric – Serves over 10 crore citizens and governs over 50,000 crores of ULB budget
  4. Securing the Terrain – Powers the Indian Army’s ordnance, coast guard payroll, and Indian defence manufacturing
  5. Making Waves – Manages financial system of the Indian Navy and powers the HR system for 67,000 sailors
  6. Connectivity Excellence: SAP India customers serve nearly 700 million mobile subscribers in India
  7. On the road to success – Eight out of 10 of the cars on Indian roads are manufactured by customers of SAP India
  8. Flying High – 137 Indian airports, 160 million passengers, and 900mm tons of cargo annually runs through an SAP system
  9. Locomoting India – 4,300 train coaches are built yearly and 20,000 trains are tracked daily through SAP India’s system
  10. Delivering Success: SAP India’s system handles over 20 crore metric tonnes of cargo
  11. Software Speciality: Around 80% of CGD companies use SAP India as their COTS solution
  12. Powering India: SAP India runs the daily production of 7,77,000 barrels of crude oil
Customer Centric
  1. Service and Beyond: Serves more than 13,000 customers across the Indian subcontinent
  2. Empowering SMEs: SAP powers over 9,200 SMEs in India
  3. Maharatna Trust: 10 out of 10 recognized Maharatna companies are SAP India customers
  4. Catering Expansively: SAP India enables companies of all sizes, across more than 25 industries
  5. Ecosystem & Networks : Ecosystem of over 600 partners across solutions, verticals, geographies

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