Lonnie Buchanan, Chief Architect and Executive Security Director, Veracity Solutions

Lonnie Buchanan is the Chief Architect and Executive Security Director at Veracity Solutions. Donning many hats with ease, Lonnie is a thought leader, an influential public speaker, and a technology futurist. Most importantly, Lonnie is driven by a mission to create a world where all people can access healthcare tools and treatments that can change their lives.

Personal Life Experiences

Raised in rural America, Lonnie experienced poverty and a lack of proper living conditions. This is a bond Lonnie shares with his wife who experienced similar conditions as a child. Later, after becoming a father of hard of hearing and ADHD children and experiencing the difficulties of treatment, diagnosis, and cost, Lonnie’s resolve intensified to make an impact for patients and their families.

Lonnie initially started his career in the public utility sector but found his true calling in the healthcare industry. Lonnie shares one memorable anecdote in his career: “Several years ago, while speaking at a conference, I made a startling comment that ‘I save babies.’ This simple statement became one of the drivers of my career. I am not a doctor or a nurse, but my work is behind the scenes, creating technology clinicians can use to make a difference.” Lonnie is devising new strategies and techniques to allow greater patient access at lower costs.

Lonnie’s team gifted him with a memorial board filled with little ‘baby onesie’ cut-outs marked with the date that a baby was saved using the program he helped to create.

Playing a Strategic Role

In 2019, Lonnie joined Veracity Solutions as its Chief Architect and Executive Security Director. In his current role, Lonnie oversees all architecture and development across various industries, including healthcare, utilities, digital producers, finance, and manufacturing. He also represents the healthcare studio and provides direct mentoring, management, and solutions design for numerous national clients. In addition, he is responsible for supervising Veracity Solutions’ security experts and security engagements.

Besides these, Lonnie helps ensure the alignment of strategic direction and information assets across the enterprise. He also monitors where Veracity’s client organizations are headed and how to fulfil customer expectations.

Veracity Solutions: The Most Reliable Business Transformation Partner in the Cloud

Founded in 1998, Veracity Solutions serves customers in highly regulated fields with elite services and consultation in Public Cloud IT Transformation. The company strongly focuses on forging close relationships with business and technology leaders – bringing these two sides together to transform ideas into solutions. As a result, clients benefit from Veracity Solutions’ key partnerships with AWS, Azure, and others to deliver the best available technology and solutions to solve their unique business problems. In addition, Veracity experts are highly recognized thought leaders who help organizations identify and achieve critical business goals and lift their teams in the process.

Currently, Veracity team members are fully remote and located from coast-to-coast in all U.S. time zones. The company’s founders are also actively involved with the team in creating new digital pathways for healthcare, finance, energy, and technology organizations. “Transformational change in healthcare takes extra energy, effort, and time – and that’s something all of us at Veracity Solutions are dedicated to,” asserts Lonnie.

Attracting New Clients During Pandemic

According to Lonnie, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of innovations in healthcare. Technologies such as telehealth, online pharmacies, and other digital pathways for diagnosis and treatment became vital during the lockdown. Because of its strong body of work in this sector, Veracity Solutions was able to attract new business when many organizations struggled to retain existing clients. He goes on to say that the pandemic and its ongoing challenges to public health are yet another galvanizing reason why organizations need to invest in the public cloud to leverage cost savings, unlock new digital revenue streams, and explore further avenues for innovation.

Successful Case Study

Lonnie shares a success story where one of the largest healthcare IT organizations in the U.S. sought out Veracity Solutions to expand access and visibility to clinical trials.

Experts from Veracity Solutions created a custom platform, providing doctors and researchers secure access to de-identified patient data. Veracity developers also built a CID/CD pipeline to leverage the client’s own investment in Azure, automated QA, did extensive UX work, and coached client teams to ensure long-term project ownership.

Not only did this new application accelerate timelines for filling clinical trials, but solved previous barriers to interoperability with the creation of a shared language now leveraged by all those connected to the system. This led to better patient outcomes and further innovation in the life sciences and healthcare industry.

A Transformational Leader

“I desire to bring an awareness and appreciation for dedicated teamwork and unity across the entire organization,” shares Lonnie. He says that everyone has good days as well as bad days. However, Lonnie likes to bring a sense of consistency and continuity, which helps create an environment where everyone learns to support and build each other up. Additionally, he strives to bring approachability and responsibility to the workplace where others feel comfortable reaching out to him.

Other than being an inspiring team leader, Lonnie is someone who finds happiness in doing things for others. Whether it is defending the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing community, supporting the needy through outreach and mission work in Africa, or becoming an advocate for those neglected by the system, he counts these as some of his best personal achievements.

Mantras to Overcome Obstacles

Like other industry leaders, Lonnie also comes across similar primary issues such as resources, cost, and time. However, he feels that to overcome these challenges, a balance must be reached between three important things: First, setting expectations with employees early on is critical to success; secondly, having good communication with them helps to reduce negative impact; and third, a unified clear goal is one of the best ways for every team member to come together and share in the success.

A Day in the Life of a Leader

For Lonnie, each day is different at work,  however, he ensures to change and adapt to varying situations. Moreover, his work takes up most of his day, so Lonnie considers himself fortunate to have a very understanding spouse. He further shares that his family lives on a farm which allows him to focus on other tasks that are very different from his work. A combination such as this allows Lonnie to find peace and calm away from many daily stresses.

Forthcoming Plans

Veracity Solutions plans to expand its team and expertise along with a continued emphasis on healthcare. In addition, the company is working on the latest advancements and trends in AI and ML, owing to a lot of attention being placed on data and strategic support.

With the changes in regulations and the residual effects of the pandemic, many are shifting the way they do business. These changes can be very disruptive and daunting to an organization. “We strive to create approaches that allow a company to ease into the technologies but not lose momentum as they grow and adapt to an ever-changing industry,” remarks Lonnie.

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