Michael A. Collura, President and CEO, In Home Personal Services

As the Founder and CEO, Michael A Collura has worked hard to make what In Home Personal Services stands for today. By emphasizing the ‘care’ in caregiving, he has defeated all odds to be at the top of his industry. Now Michael believes that being a leader is a struggle, where one is constantly trying to make impossible decisions that work for everyone, knowing that it is the right thing to do. “The struggle is not knowing, making mistakes, and having to overcome your own limitations. The struggle that no matter how hard you work, without a team you are nothing,” he adds. Michael shines out through all these grateful struggles, making him one of the most influential CEOs in 2022.

As the President and CEO of In Home Personal Services, established in 2004, Michael says that he is nothing without his team. “To be blessed with the trust placed in our team and our brand as a provider is something that we take immense pride and privilege in. Our challenges are met every day with the needs of those we care for and delivering quality, client-centered and individualized care. Meeting these challenges makes us who we are, and knowing the impact it makes on the lives of others is why our team looks forward to it every day,” he shares.

Before he got into the caregiving industry, Michael worked at Target Retailers, which shaped him professionally into the person he is today. He learned about the importance of leadership, teamwork, guest services, and how to be a brand that cares. Michael also picked up on their ‘red shirt’ look due to their brand identity. He modified it for healthcare, especially keeping in mind clients that could have Alzheimer’s to be easily recognizable. This idea helped him pay homage to his previous employer and have a color that is easy to perceive by all people.

From its Inception

In Home Personal Services has been helping people all over the United States of America for about 18 years now, despite the speedbump known as COVID-19. Growth has not slowed down since the company’s inception and is already launching even more in 2022. Through their franchise system, they are expanding across the United States at a record pace. Compared to where they were last year, the number has increased by double in size as a franchise system over the previous 2 months. “What matters to us is not necessarily the growth. For us, the growth means more care provided in need and meeting our standards of what quality care is meant to be,” explains Michael.

Continuously working towards making the business grow, Michael has hit milestones quickly and efficiently. One of the most incredible milestones that he takes pride in is how his team has grown and how these talented individuals have surpassed every expectation set. Knowing that they no longer need him and continue to thrive shows a mark of empowerment they hold, and he respects them for their achievements. “My achievement is simply working to build a team that finds me unnecessary. Being useless…that’s my milestone,” he chuckles.

Now, In Home Personal Services has taken a different turn to be more diverse and accessible to all. Many of their best projects are the biggest and best differentiators, which are years in the making and are set to launch this year. One project that the company is most proud of is the launch of the Matthews education website, a one-of-a-kind platform for caregiver training and certification for all 50 states. Michael believes that this venture will distinguish them in several ways within the industry and provide another advantage as a franchise system throughout the country.

“There are a lot of factors that make In Home Personal Services unique. The way we see clients’ needs and deliver care makes us stand out in the industry. There will be a lot of quality providers out there, thank goodness, but even among those elite providers, we stand out,” states Michael. The shared commitment of Michel and his team and the resources they have dedicated to ensuring the quality of patient care is ever innovating. Today, In Home Personal Services holds numerous advantages that differentiate the brand from others. “While many companies may attempt to copy us, being the original makes us unique,” adds Michael.

Planning Forward

With the pandemic hitting every industry, In Home Personal Services was mainly concerned with keeping their clients safe, as they faced more stress with the situation than the caregivers did. “It was our job to care for them during this time and bring about peace of mind and ease their fears. It’s part of the job. We were as ready as can be expected,” shares Michael.

Going forward, safety remains a major concern of Michael and the team. “The pandemic taught us all in the industry some very tough lessons. I would not characterize this as a learning experience because Covid is not the only virus or infectious disease we have dealt with. We were already prepared. This was new, but not completely foreign as far as our own policy and procedures. So, we worked to ensure patient safety, learn, and yes, now we are even more prepared going forward,” concludes Michael.

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