Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO & Founder, Kiran Smart

Mohammed Mubin Mallick, is the CEO and Founder of Kiran Smart company in Kuwait, Dubai and India. He is an innovator of Humanoid Robot Services and Founder of Mi-Robots Company registered in India. He holds a Master’s Degree in MBA from Cardiff University, UK. He also has several professional certificates under his name. 

Mohammed Mubin Mallick has delivered many public presentations and live demo on Robots in Smart City, Robots in Real Life, Robots in our future life, Robots in Education and Robots in Health Care. He has continuously live demonstrated for two years (2019 & 2020) on Hospitality Robotic Solution at Stakeholder Conference organized by T-H-N in Dubai (UAE) under Mi-Robots banner.

Mubin is also a renowned speaker on Robotics and AI. He was also a mentor in one of the GLOBAL VIRTUAL HACKATHON called ‘ROBOCON 2020’, the event which took place in Canada. Recently, he was interviewed by Michael Overstreet from USA on Robot News as Mubin continues to influence the market of robots globally. He has also been a recipient of numerous international awards and recognition. 

In a recent interview with the team of CXO Outlook, Mr. Mallick discussed the current trends in service robots, challenges faced as a CEO of the company, personal inspiration, future goals, and a lot more. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

According to you, what are the main technological trends in the area of service robots? Which top industries are leveraging the use of these robots?

I feel the main technological trend in the field of services robots is Artificial Intelligence because if it is combined with robots then a robot can achieve many objectives that we humans are looking for. If we talk about industries which are using these service robots, then those would be hospitality industry and food & beverages industry. 

You have created a mark for yourself in this industry and are navigating Kiran Smart to great heights. But what made you take the first step to venture in this industry? Were there any instances or personal experiences that led you towards the field of robotics? 

One of the main reasons is my childhood dream to work with robots. Secondly, it is the future because I did a lot of research and future forecasts on advanced technologies and found that robotics will be one of the top contenders in the advanced future technologies that will play a role in the smart world. So, when I saw the humanoid robot for the first time in GITEX 2017, it triggered my mind that this was what I was looking for since so many years. From that time, I started my research and studies on robots, contacted many robotics companies around the world and met & discussed with them about the future of robots. What I see are the massive opportunities that will arise from different industries. 

Kiran Smart is the first humanoid robot solutions and services company in Kuwait. You must be encountering a lot of challenges on the way. Can you please tell us about them and also how do you overcome them?

We are facing multiple challenges every day. But, there are two types of challenges that we have faced so far: 

Challenges as a Company (Internal Part)

  • Financial Investment 
  • Getting right robotics engineers
  • Training the employees on robots
  • Getting the robots on time from manufacturer 
  • Logistics issues during COVID-19
  • Storage
  • R&D on different models of robots and then failed few where investments are wasted
  • Getting investors on board 

Challenges in the market (Customers)

  • Lack of awareness
  • Did not accept the robots technology 
  • High prices so no budget to purchase
  • Threat to jobs 
  • Scared of robots

So, we continue to have tough times to overcome these challenges because most of the time, I have to involve myself to train my team and share the knowledge on robotics and make them ready as per the latest trend in the market.  

For customers, we arrange seminars, webinars, physical exhibition to educate, create awareness and explain the benefits of robots in business; robots are not a threat but a helping hand. 

What are your feelings on the ethical issues that arise with the use of robotics?

You see when we talk about ethics then robots are not human; they are just machines which we need to understand clearly. But we also need to be careful in using them. Robots should not take away the jobs nor should they hurt any sentiments of people who do not accept advanced technology, and nor should it go against the humanity. 

Tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment. 

There are many proudest moments for me that I have come across in my professional journey but I just want to mention two of them that happened recently. One is receiving the award as ‘Best Leader’ in the field of innovative technology by Internet 2.0 which was held in Dubai on February 2022. And the second one is being recognized as the ‘Business Innovator of the Year 2022’ in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Can you please tell us about your strategy for building relationships with your team members and peers at Kiran Smart?

It is very simple for me. I just love them as my family.

What do you do to encourage creativity and innovation in your organization?

First, we create the environment to have fun where we involve our robots and then start playing with them. So, while we are playing and exploring robots, we come up with many ideas and innovations which we can implement in them. When we are having fun, our mind is free from tensions and work pressure, then the ideas just shoot out from our minds which we write them immediately and make a list to improve and implement them.

How do you stay up to date on industry advancements?

I do a lot of research, read news on advanced technologies, attend and participate various events worldwide.

Whom do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship?

My father is my biggest source of inspiration. It is because of him that I am here today. 

What are your current goals?

My current goal is to be a billionaire so that I can help the humanity who need support and help in their lives.

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