Dr Girish Vaze, CEO, Managing Director & Chairman, Elcom International

One of the hardest-hit segments from COVID-19 is the manufacturing sector. The lockdown that followed brought the manufacturing facilities to a standstill, derailing the entire global supply chain. To put things into perspective, more than 75 per cent of businesses have ‘one or more direct or Tier 1 supplier’ from China, and 938 of the Fortune 1000 companies have Tier 2 suppliers there. Adapting to the new way of working, i.e., the work from home concept has been quite challenging for the manufacturing industry. With the delay in the availability and delivery of raw materials, supplies, and skilled labour, there has been a significant increase in operational costs like transportation, health, and safety measures.

Aligning with the new health and safety requirements to prevent the spread of the COVID19 among communities and employees and getting the best outcome from them, Supply chain issues are meeting the expectations of the customers working in the essential services during the Pandemic Outbreak. “Looking at the bright side, the virus has created opportunities for Indian manufacturers, as most of the customers are looking for alternate supply chain solutions instead of Chinese Companies”, points out Dr Girish Vaze, CEO, Managing Director & Chairman, Elcom International.

Having continuously been on the progressive path in terms of annual revenue at 10-15% growth per annum since the last few years, the non-operational related teams at Elcom International have adopted remote working where discussions happen over video meetings and conferences. Dr Girish adds, “As the present situation demands due to the cancellations and postponements of all major events and exhibitions worldwide, we are doing our best to create awareness through online exhibitions, events and webinars that give information about our products and services to our prospective customers”.

Started in 1981, Elcom International Pvt. Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the design, development, and manufacturing of electromechanical and electronic components. Initially starting with the domestic market in India, Elcom has spread its wings in the international markets – especially the USA and Europe, serving different industries across the globe. Dealing with the designing, development, and manufacturing of various electromechanical and electronic components, Elcom is completely focused on quality and innovativeness in every product. “With strong R&D, in-house operational capabilities, in-house and vertically integrated plant operations, the capability to provide a completely customized solution based on customer requirements and applications, we are the preferred choice for customers”, remarks Dr Girish.

Providing learning and development opportunities, employee participation at Elcom is essential in critical discussions and decisions to formulate systems and practices, making them the best players in the industry. Dr Girish states, “We involve key stakeholders across all functions for building vision and mission of the organization and foster a customer-centric culture, that has boosted team spirit and collaboration”.

Manufacturing certified for Integrated Management Systems (IMS) including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, Elcom’s state-of-the-art infrastructure is equipped with R&D Facility, Tool Room, Injection Moulding Division, Metal Stamping Division, Reliability Test Lab, Electroplating Division and Assembly Lines. Constantly creating value for their customers by providing best-in-class electronic and electromechanical products and components, Dr Girish adds, “We offer facilities to the customers to test/audit the parameters of the products in our reliability test lab, which is unique service offered by no other manufacturer”.

Aspiring to be the most preferred Indian partner for their key accounts, Elcom plans to grow not just in terms of revenue, but in reach in the overseas market, acquisition of new customers, expanding the channel partner network, attracting the best talent from the industry, diversifying the product offering and increasing the overall market share. “Taking a leap over the revenue front and achieving ₹ 100 Cr in FY20-21, We are all set to target the 20% CAGR and explore growth opportunities through organic and inorganic means”, concludes Dr Girish.

Dr Girish Vaze (CEO, Managing Director & Chairman)

Dr Girish has been steering Elcom to where it stands today. He has worked in various roles for the growth of Elcom from its inception. His passion, vision & persistent efforts have made Elcom the most indispensable industry player in its segment today.

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