Kasia Dabrow-Kielan

Kasia Dabrow-Kielan is a health coach specializing in healthy living and natural healing. She has over 15 years of experience as a Social Worker, including working in the community with kids with disabilities and the ageing population. She is also a health and wellness speaker who is often invited to share her insightful knowledge with the audience to encourage them to live better, healthier life.

From a psychology student to a career in social work to becoming a health coach and creating her brand called Consciously Healthy, Kasia’s journey speaks volumes about her personal strength, courage, and passion. Today, she inspires others to live a healthier lifestyle and build a strong, healthy foundation for the next generation.

Life Experiences that led to the Beginning of the Health & Wellness Journey

Kasia holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a postgraduate degree in Social Work. She began her career as a Social Worker. She has worked in various hospital settings and covered oncology wards, post-surgery wards, acute, rehabilitation, and pre-admission in Australia and the UK. While living and working in London, her mum became unwell. Kasia returned home to take care of her mother. However, the road ahead was anything but easy. She lost her mum when she was only 56 years of age to cancer. This incident left Kasia heartbroken and shattered. After coming to grips with her grief, Kasia started looking deeper into health and wellness; she took up numerous courses, attended seminars, and learned from the best individuals in the industry. More importantly, she consciously started making healthier choices, from how she ate to how she lived. What began almost 10 years ago has stayed with Kasia to date; neither has she stopped nor looked back.

“I dived into wellness and health and looked at the entire concept from a different angle, away from the common way of thinking, and this aligned with my values which were deep within me all along,” mentions Kasia. In 2017, Kasia signed up for a course run in Bali, where she was first introduced to iridology. At that time, she was pregnant with her youngest daughter. By age two, her youngest daughter developed severe eczema, which kept getting worse by the day. Kasia was told to apply steroid cream by her GP and a specialist. “Her struggle with eczema again made me look further into why and what was the cause of it. This is how Consciously Healthy was started,” shares Kasia.

Putting on New Wings as a Health Coach

“As a social worker by trade, I love working with others and hearing about people’s journeys, but the health warrior I have become and the health nerd within me drives me to share my knowledge and make this world healthier,” asserts Kasia. Through Consciously Healthy, she offers clients iridology, sclerology, health consulting, one-on-one consulting, and detox online programs.

Challenges Faced During Coaching

One of the biggest challenges that Kasia faces as a health coach is to cut through the noise and confusion that is out there. “Luckily, I have reliable coaches, and we all learn from each other and stay on the right path,” says Kasia. “It can be extremely hard to get the client to re-learn the truth about what is right and what is not.” She, however, feels that individuals who take their health seriously and commit are the ones who see a shift in their health. This is not only rewarding to the client but also for her as a coach.

Steps to Creating a Customized Training Program

As a health coach and iridologist, Kasia begins with an hour-long eye assessment of the client. This is followed by a thorough discussion about the client’s physical and emotional state. Since no iris is the same, Kasia customises each client’s reports and recommendations according to her findings. The report also includes causative factors that need the most focus and attention in their diet and lifestyle. The fact that the iris shows the genetic makeup and what has been passed down three generations down also plays a role in what is recommended for each client. Kasia’s aim is to not overwhelm but help each client along their own journey to build the healthy life they deserve. Apart from this, Kasia also offers solutions and guidance to parents who come with their children as young as one to heal their eczema naturally.

Regarding the successful coaching program, Kasia continues to receive positive feedback from her clients, who are surprised by the accuracy of the iridology findings. Moreover, Kasia’s tenacious nature to always seek answers also benefits her clients.

Marking the Milestones

Kasia’s biggest milepost was getting started on the journey as a health coach. “I dived into this new way of living with no hesitation and made many changes along the way, the way I eat, the way I live my life; all of it was suddenly revamped,” mentions Kasia. People around her found her transformation inspirational and began seeking her advice. But, it took time to step out of her comfort zone and take on the new role as a health coach. “Nevertheless, I am forever grateful for where I am today,” shares Kasia.

Taking Lessons from the Past Mistakes

At one point in her career, Kasia undertook a course in nutrition. However, she realised that the course was not aligned with her beliefs and values, so she stopped it halfway. For Kasia, who has never been a quitter, one takeaway from this experience has been to live within one’s own truth and stay away from external chaos.

Striking a Perfect Work-Life Balance

When it comes to creating a work-life balance, Kasia considers her role as a Social Worker to have been her biggest teacher. When she first started her social work career, Kasia used to take a walk along the beach before going home to leave all work-related problems outside her personal life. She admits that it was difficult to do so in the initial days, but with time, it became the norm and has remained to date. Today, she has skillfully mastered the art of work-life balance. She further believes that as individuals, everyone has their own unique way of dealing with stress and staying calm under pressure. It’s just a matter of finding the correct method for oneself and practising it.

A Piece of Advice from the Health Coach

“I wish everyone, no matter their age, to be the best version of themselves and the healthiest version of themselves,” shares Kasia.

A Note for the Aspiring Leaders

“My biggest advice is to support yourself with the right kind of people who think and believe the same way as you do,” states Kasia. “This way, you will stay grounded and focused and not lose track.”

Roadmap to an Exciting Future

Currently, Kasia is finishing her Integrated Iridology course to qualify as an Advanced Physical Iridologist. After its completion, she is planning to pursue two other courses. Moreover, Kasia’s team is working on further developing her website to reach more clients online while she is designing a few other programs. One of them is targeting individuals, both kids and adults, as to how to treat eczema naturally packed with resources. A similar online program led by Kasia will be available on fasting, which will also be full of resources so that everyone can have a one-stop shop if they like.

In addition, Kasia has been invited to deliver a talk addressing the need and confusion around immunity-boosting in her local area this November. Handpicked for her knowledge and expertise, she is also an Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine, which publishes her articles every month. Recently, she finished her first podcast at Brainz and is looking forward to more in the future.

“My goal is to incorporate all my services into a healthy hub, attached to a space where kids and adults can come together and enjoy a healthy snack or meal and have a laugh or two in a space where all aspects of health and wellness are catered for,” concludes Kasia.

For More Info: https://consciouslyhealthy.com.au/

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