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Most successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are rapidly moving toward implementing increased and improved mentoring and coaching services to better their lives. They realised that truly bring about a change around us, there needs to be a change within us for which we need to obtain true happiness and inner peace. Forging a relationship with the right mentor and spiritual guide can be tremendously valuable in personal development and happiness, ultimately translating to a thriving business.

Gabriele Werstler is one of those live changing Mentors, often called “The Coach in Germany”, better known to her mentees as a spiritual master. Many of the top leaders, influencers, millionaires, and billionaires across the globe have worked with Gabriele and the unique experiences she delivers. As an international trainer, speaker, bestseller author, and spiritual coach for more than two decades, Gabriele facilitates her already well-renowned mentees to establish a deep connection with their truest selves and be present in the moment, on an easy way.

She breaks through the stereotypical thought process most individuals possess. Gabriele explains that attaining happiness is not associated with your outer form but rather with your inner self, which then reflects on personal and professional relationships. She advocates that true happiness and inner peace are already within us; the real quest is to align your focus with it. Every successful person that has worked with Gabriele sings her praises as their business gets even more successful through clarity, calmness, and inner strength, having found their deep purpose through her.

Time to Destress

Gabriele guides us through some of her core offerings which, along with her skill and compassion, can be leveraged in supporting one’s personal development. She adds, “There is a huge universal power provides to everyone. Most people, don´t know about it or don´t know how to use it. To get known to it and to be around by someone who embodies that power makes massive changes in people’s lives.”

One of the programs she particularly enjoys conducting are 3 month 1:1 online mentoring programs or such as “Book a Holiday Coach”. A program designed for business people. Immersed in stressful situations and decision-making is often associated with leading a successful life and business. Even holidays can be stressful, because everything comes up to your mind, either from work or personal things which what had no room before, while you want to relax. Keeping this in mind, the program can be utilised by entrepreneurs as they embark upon a holiday where the first two or three days are joined by Gabriele. She conducts bespoke coaching and meditation classes that relieve the client of stress, worries, never ending seeming thoughts. Clarity, inner peace and a clam mind are coming back and the rest of the holyday they can spend much more relaxing and go back to work refreshed, with a calm clear mind and the ability to make better decisions at work. When the individual rejoins work, something similar to a domino effect is what follows. The energy is felt by the employees who begin also making better decisions and performing better. Often Gabriele Clients reveals, “before meeting Gabriele, I had one life, an other started after meeting her, I truly began living. After working with her Live will never be the same.” “She is am mixture between Antony Robbins and Eckard Tolle”, “The Top Expert in spirituel awakening, if you want to get your mind still, and be even more successful meet her”. People Gabriele works and continue to work with are already successful and live a large life. But once they contact her, they firmly believe their new life has begun. Having done a complete 180, market leaders vouch for the program’s success. They wake up early feeling happy and spend the day in peace and contentment. They have achieved deep inner peace and more success in work, and also relationships.”

Master the Moment!

Another of the core services she has to offer is her revolutionary ‘master the moment’ program. It is a spiritual weekend designed to put you in touch with a bigger reality. Once onboard, one can learn about the basic laws of energy, the power of your thoughts, how to deal with unwanted emotions, get your intuition run, and several special tools needed to navigate easily through life. “You do not need to master your whole life; you just need to master this moment. You can only be in this moment if you are at peace with yourself and the situation. Otherwise, your mind either goes to the past or the future because it does not want to stay in this moment. We all have inner peace, but we need to get in touch with it, and this is easy if you know how to. It is no long way.” proclaims Gabriele. “You are more than your thoughts and feelings, you had been here before your first thoughts or feelings. During your life you picked up thoughts and feelings, and began thinking that is who you are. But this are just thoughts you picked on your way, it is not what you really are. You had been here before these thoughts, You are pure purity, a purity noting needed to be added or removed. Getting in contact with this power again, opens up so many opportunities, freedom and leads from an un conscious and limited mind (even it may already seem brilliant) to a genius mind. Ease, happiness, unique synchronicity and flow comes back to life.”

For over twenty years, her focus has full of mildness been to help people find peace within their hearts and to be free of the man-made confines of humanity. She explains, “If we get comfortable on the outside, we call it success, and if we get comfortable on the inside, we call it inner peace, joy, and happiness. We often associate the two, but they are not bound to each other. Happiness is life joy, and joy comes with vibrancy inner peace . And we do not have to bring inner peace back because it is always inside us. If you learn to find and focus inner peace and the fact that it is always there, your life suddenly transforms. What you thought may take years may just take a few moments or a few hours!” It seems to easy, but so many trusted, the Book a Holiday coach program, 1:1 mentoring, coaching, trainings, and retreats with her and have been recognised as incredible with the immense power to change lives!

A single mother for eight years to three beautiful children, Gabriele strives to strike the perfect balance between her personal and work life. Helping people find inner peace and clarity feels for her more like a hobby than a career, within it she exudes brilliance.

On the Quest for Answers

In conversation with Gabriele about the life experiences that brought her one step closer to the leader she is today, she briefly tells us of certain instances that led her along the path of becoming a well-renowned international coach and powerful mentor. Her calling began during her childhood itself, she was full of questions. She recounts that as a child, her curiosity was piqued as they were read from the bible in Kindergarten how God created the world on command.

She and her friends were so fascinated that they began taking turns playing God while the rest would follow the orders given. “As a child, we were also told that we were made out of God and we are the same. This made me ponder. I was a child and not a god. Adults seemed more capable, yet they could not command things like time or money on their side. At my age, the adults would not take me seriously, but I kept questioning these ideologies,” says Gabriele.

Fast forward to age eight, Gabriele met her houseguests, who happened to be energy healers. They understood her question and her deep inner search for answers as spiritual beings. “They started teaching me the philosophies of meditation and yoga. That actually was a huge turning point in my life. They also had a child my age, and so I went with them on holiday. I was completely immersed in yoga, meditation, and just about any book related to these concepts,” reveals Gabriele.

Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

Then, at the age of ten, her mother gave her two tapes on mental training. She conducted her own experiment and convinced herself to redirect her mind when her feet got cold in the snow.

This, again, was one of the turning points in her life. A sports enthusiast, she introduced mental training here as well. Her determination and dedication led her to win five prestigious European dancing championships. While most participants took up dancing in childhood, she won through extensive mental training, an unusual and applaudable feat.

The next incident that played a pivotal role that led to the career she loves today was the first seminar she conducted upon the insistence of a guest she met and conversed with about God and life.

Despite her apprehensions about not possessing an appropriate degree/diploma then, participants of that seminar approached her to book her coaching services. And so, her story began.

Better Equipped to Meet and Exceed Client Expectations

Today, Gabriele has more than 30 coaching educational classes and Diplomas with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Just by being with Gabriele, who is not bound by the manmade self-imposed constraints, one can feel her infectious warmth, freedom, and inner peace. Additionally, for over 30 years, she has sought guidance and honed her skills through education from the best Coaches, Therapists, Headers worldwide, and spiritual Masters. She is an astounding mentor who focuses on the whole person and not just their career. And it is through this approach that she has achieved complete customer delight.

While trying to be in the moment herself, Gabriele’s sessions have been booked till April 2023, and she is scheduled to conduct a few retreats in Dubai as well. She is also the author of some bestsellers and envisages penning down more books in the future.

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