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Set up a work-corner in your house and dress-up every morning as if you are going to the office, said an expert when asked him about effective work-from-home habits. A work-corner at home is excellent, as it is better than spending the whole day in your bed or sofa with a laptop. But how many of us working from home really care about the clothes we wear while working? Of course, fashion would be one of those last things people would like to talk about when the entire world is contemplating its future.

In this time of social distancing, with restrictions on movements and large gathering, more and more people have started moving towards a different kind of wardrobe. Many consumers, primarily the middle-class, have shifted their spending habits to a need-based buying instead of going for the latest trends. In the past few months, starting from the mid of March, an estimated 16 million craftspeople working in the Indian textile industry are finding it challenging to make their ends meet. Reputed designers and fashion brands are also forced to cut costs to stay afloat in this pandemic time.

As per the reports, the fashion and beauty industry is expected to a considerable drop in sales. Now, the leaders in this industry have a vast responsibility of looking after their customers and employees. What is their action plan?

In this issue, we have tried to understand the struggles of business leaders in the Indian Fashion sector and come up with a list of ’10 Most Inspiring CXOs in Beauty and Fashion Industry in India’ who have managed to tackle the unprecedented ongoing challenges. Along with a collection of opinion articles from leading players in the business, we have also covered some of the innovative startup companies India that finding success despite the hiccups. On the cover, we feature, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Lacoste India, Rajesh Jain who helped Lacoste to evolve from a polo-centric brand to a complete lifestyle product and made its presence felt in most metros and major cities in India.

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