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Dealing with the pandemic has not been easy for many of us. However, for EdTech players, COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise. The pandemic has brought radical changes in teaching and learning modes, helping India become the world’s second-largest e-learning market after the US. According to a new report by Mumbai-based EdTech-focused VC firm BLinC Invest, India’s online education market is expected to be worth more than USD 3.5 billion by 2022—almost five times the USD 735 million it was worth in 2019. The report also states that the country has over 9000 education technology startups, of which about 750 firms have raised a total of USD 8.5 billion to date.

Many educational institutions frozen for decades in a brick-and-mortar setup have finally realized that it would be difficult for them to balance cost, quality and scale without using technology. Besides, when conducting classroom teaching was almost impossible, technology has been a saviour that ensured the continuity of education. Those who have foreseen the emergence of online learning now have a commanding position in the market. In fact, the industry has attracted private equity investments of $4 billion in the last five years, leading to the emergence of global EdTech leaders like BYJU’s, which now has a valuation of $15 billion.

To celebrate the success of the EdTech industry in India, we have put together a special issue where we feature 10 Must-Watch EdTech Companies in India. These are not pandemic-born companies. Some of them have been in the market of decades, helping educational institutions become more efficient and better governed. We have also included several insights and opinions of academicians and EdTech leaders on the trends and opportunities in India’s Billion Dollar Market called EdTech.

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