Sven Rischko, Founder & Managing Director of KRONOS Advisory GmbH

The financial industry can often seem like a world reserved for only a select few. However, Sven Rischko’s incredible journey from humble beginnings to the helm of KRONOS Advisory GmbH stands as a testament to the power of resilience and entrepreneurship. He has made an indelible mark on the industry since 1998.

Rischko’s early years and his rapid ascent in the financial industry are fascinating to learn about in his own words. “At just 19, I began working in the financial industry as a self-employed distributor of financial products,” Rischko reflects. “Then, at the age of 29, I was given the opportunity to become a board member and shareholder of an asset management company after being headhunted.”

Before immersing himself in the financial industry, Rischko had never experienced the luxuries of vacations, good food, or a nice car. His journey is not just about his career, but also about his transformative experience.

KRONOS Advisory GmbH was founded with the vision of efficiently helping asset owners avoid being taken advantage of by providers of capital investments or asset managers with conflicts of interest or self-interest. Rischko explains that the company strives to make the lives of all financial service providers more straightforward, prioritizing customer interests as their core value.

Rischko states, “While international recognition is nice, what truly matters are the successes we’ve achieved for our customers.” The company’s impact on clients, such as negotiating a 30% reduction in conditions with one of the world’s largest asset managers, speaks volumes beyond awards.

KRONOS Advisory creates a strategic asset allocation tailored to individual investment goals without constraints. Rischko mentions, “After the customer has selected and commissioned the various service providers, we continually monitor them and create consolidated reports. We search providers via tenders as we don’t have any cooperation with providers.”

The achievements of KRONOS Advisory are not just professional accolades; they reflect a deeper motivation. Mr. Rischko finds joy in seeing customers achieve better results after deducting their costs and hearing from banks that “Kronos is the dreaded advisor.”

To maintain a balance between professional responsibilities and personal interests, Rischko has built a team where everyone excels in their respective areas. “We only offer our services to clients after analyzing their current situation, ensuring that the benefits for the customer far exceed our costs,” concludes Mr. Rischko.

Sven Rischko’s journey, intertwined with the mission of KRONOS Advisory, is a story of challenging industry norms and putting customers first in an industry often clouded by conflicting interests. It’s inspiring to see how one person’s resilience and dedication can make a significant impact on an entire industry.

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