John Liu, CEO of jumpAD

John Liu is a visionary leader who seamlessly merged his IT expertise with a passion for marketing. As the Founder, President, and CEO of jumpAD, John’s journey began with a realization – the internet held boundless potential for both businesses and the public. The allure of digital marketing advertising, with its innovative methods and creative approaches, captivated him, driving him to explore the limitless possibilities that the online realm offered. “I believe that the Internet can achieve the goal of ‘connecting the world and changing the world,'” shares John Liu.

What sets John Liu apart is not just his journey but the profound inspiration he drew from tech giants like Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The idea of combining artificial intelligence with digital advertising sparked a vision in John’s mind. He saw the potential of AI in keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of consumer online behavior. “The real digital advertising expert is AI, and we at jumpAD are experts in training AI advertising,” John Liu emphasizes.

Before establishing jumpAD, John had concerns about the potential threat to the advertising agency industry from the intelligent development of platforms like Google and Meta. However, rather than succumb to these worries, he embarked on a mission to find solutions, new directions, and services for jumpAD. “There was a time when I worried about our industry being replaced by intelligent platforms. But it pays to plan ahead,” John reflects on the challenges, showcasing his proactive approach to evolving industry landscapes.

The philosophy at jumpAD is clear: “The real digital advertising expert is AI, and we at jumpAD are experts in training AI advertising.” John recognizes that while AI brings convenience, it needs adept guidance. In the intricate world of the internet, akin to navigating the challenges of parenting, jumpAD positions itself as the expert teacher, steering AI through the complexities of the network environment. “Artificial intelligence can currently bring convenience, but it must be trained by good teachers,” John Liu wisely articulates, underlining the delicate balance between AI capabilities and human expertise. This unique perspective sets jumpAD apart, emphasizing not just on the application of AI in advertising but on the crucial role of human expertise in training and guiding this powerful tool.

JumpAD’s Mission and AI Integration

As a seasoned consultant nurturing the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, jumpAD assumes the role of a digital field nanny, offering expertise akin to a guiding force in the vast expanse of the online landscape. John passionately describes how jumpAD’s advanced artificial intelligence acts as a silent guardian, meticulously filtering out false noise in client marketing materials and ensuring the precise delivery of messages to advertising platforms—all while safeguarding consumer privacy.

“JumpAD is like a nanny in the digital field. Our artificial intelligence can reduce false noise in client marketing materials and deliver the right message to advertising platforms in a way that protects consumer privacy,” shares John Liu. This unique approach involves using AI to train AI—a concept that reflects the synergy between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence. In the ever-evolving digital environment rife with challenges like online nickname environments, malicious clicks, and information leakage, jumpAD has not only navigated these complexities but also secured the invention patent of the Republic of China, a testament to their innovative strides.

Distinguishing jumpAD in the Digital Advertising Landscape

“Jump doesn’t mean jumping into the advertising field, but jumping out of the framework of a digital advertising company,” clarifies John Liu. Unlike traditional digital advertising agencies, jumpAD offers a holistic suite of services encompassing enterprise domain planning, cloud hosting, website system design, and comprehensive application of artificial intelligence.

This multifaceted approach sets jumpAD apart, positioning it as a digital marketing solutions service provider rather than a conventional advertising agency. Notably, jumpAD addresses client needs comprehensively, bridging the gaps that often exist when merchants seek answers from platform customer service or technology companies. “When merchants ask the official customer service of the advertising platform or the engineering staff of the technology company, they cannot get the answers to all the questions because many problems occur across fields, but jumpAD can listen to customers’ problems from beginning to end,” emphasizes John Liu.

JumpAD’s expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge, boasting practical success stories such as being the first in Taiwan to obtain Google Ads AI Smart Bidding 2.0. The company’s proficiency is further validated by the fact that peers within the digital space also seek their guidance. Whether it’s micro-studios grappling with case-related challenges or large corporations entrusting jumpAD to solve problems their in-house departments can’t handle, jumpAD’s commitment to giving back to the community shines through. “We believe this is also a way to give back to the community,” states John Liu, articulating not just a commitment to excellence but a genuine desire to elevate the entire digital advertising industry through knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Leveraging Machine Learning for Precision in Advertising Conversion

In digital advertising, jumpAD stands out for its innovative use of machine learning techniques to enhance the precision of advertising conversion performance data. John Liu explains the intricate process through which the system analyzes consumer behavior on the client’s website or app, mapping out the browsing path and interaction patterns. The value of each conversion order is meticulously defined, creating an effective advertising conversion model that serves as a guiding beacon for machine learning.

“Our system establishes an effective advertising conversion model as an example teaching material for machine learning, enabling it to track the evolution of consumer behavior trends,” elucidates John Liu. This intricate dance between browsing history, ad-driven consumer behavior, and effective models allows machine learning to predict and anticipate market adjustments in advance.

An illustrative example from the financial industry highlights the practical implications of jumpAD’s approach. In scenarios where consumers are targeted to apply for financial products online, the system can identify potential pitfalls, such as peers posing as consumers and filling in false information during conversion processes. Through real-time tracking and judgment, jumpAD’s AI can automatically enhance email content based on probability similarity, preventing misunderstandings and ensuring a more accurate representation of ad conversion statistics.

The overarching goal is clear – to empower businesses with the ability to differentiate valid consumers from infiltrators and bots in website traffic. John Liu emphasizes that while traditional metrics like online payment behavior are suitable for online store business models, many merchants with offline conversion models face challenges in determining effective conversions. Here, jumpAD’s AI steps in, offering a solution to bridge the gap and truly measure advertising effectiveness beyond online payment behaviors. “Let AI and merchants truly reach a consensus on advertising effectiveness,” asserts John Liu, highlighting jumpAD’s commitment to not just keeping pace with the digital landscape but leading the charge in revolutionizing how businesses navigate it.

Empowering Clients for Informed Adjustments

As businesses grapple with the intricacies of the digital landscape, jumpAD emerges as a vital ally, empowering clients to make informed adjustments and maximize the impact of every advertising dollar spent. The company’s comprehensive services delve deep into the core elements of a client’s digital presence, analyzing the website’s marketing compatibility, the operational status of the client’s cloud server, and the effectiveness of online advertising.

“We specialize in data tracking. We cannot say that we can completely avoid invalid ad clicks, but we can at least reduce invalid ad clicks through AI assistance and optimize advertising delivery to more potential consumers,” explains John Liu. This commitment to precision extends beyond mere avoidance of invalid clicks; jumpAD strives to adapt to the changing landscape of target audiences, ensuring that advertising efforts remain effective even as consumer profiles evolve.

The essence of jumpAD’s approach lies in reducing the cost of experimentation for clients investing in advertising. By accelerating artificial intelligence machine learning with the right consumer data, jumpAD aims to not only increase the effectiveness of every ad spend but also provide clients with actionable insights to drive informed decisions in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

Addressing Challenges in the Digital Advertising Space

Today, jumpAD navigates a myriad of challenges, each presenting a unique opportunity for growth and innovation. John Liu sheds light on the remarkable journey the company embarks upon while serving clients, illustrating how they overcome obstacles to enhance client outcomes. “We encounter so many challenges that sometimes we want to write a column describing the amazing journey we encounter while serving our clients,” remarks John Liu.

One significant challenge involves industries restricted by local regulations, such as overly sensitive political, gambling, or adult ads, which may face rejection by ad platforms. John Liu emphasizes jumpAD’s principled stance, avoiding advocacy for potentially harmful content. This commitment aligns with the philosophy of “As long as it is not illegal, you must find a way,” echoing the wisdom of Mr. James Soong of Taiwan.

As an intermediary between advertising platforms and clients, jumpAD plays a crucial role in navigating the complex landscape. They understand clients’ marketing target needs intimately, acting as the bridge between clients and platforms. Beyond being a certified advertising agency, jumpAD distinguishes itself as full-end digital marketing consultants, equipped with in-depth knowledge of cloud servers, web design, programming, and the intricacies of online marketing tools.

“On the Internet, consumers see advertisements, click to enter customer websites and interact with merchants online. The data end collects advertising conversion effects, consumer behavior analysis, and SEO. We all need to understand and have expertise in all aspects of online marketing,” explains John Liu, highlighting the comprehensive approach jumpAD adopts.

The company positions itself as a digital field doctor, conducting status health checks of online advertising and website systems. Through meticulous diagnosis and prescribing ‘medication’ in the form of guidance and advice, jumpAD empowers clients with the insights needed to thrive in the digital realm.

Over the years, jumpAD has encountered challenges that have become sources of experience and growth. While it’s impossible to detail every obstacle faced, John Liu emphasizes the proactive role jumpAD plays in providing feedback to platforms like Google. This includes sharing insights into bugs and suggesting ideas for feature optimization. When immediate improvements are challenging, jumpAD finds alternative solutions, showcasing their commitment to delivering positive outcomes for clients.

“Taiwan’s market is too small, so our digital service providers in Taiwan have very weak feedback capabilities, but we have not given up. After all, our customers are waiting for good news from us,” opines John Liu, highlighting the resilience and dedication that propel jumpAD forward in the pursuit of excellence in the digital advertising space.

Positive Impact on Return on Investment (ROI) for Clients

JumpAD’s impact on clients’ return on investment (ROI) is a testament to the intersection of experience, innovation, and a nuanced understanding of the digital advertising landscape. John Liu emphasizes that success in artificial intelligence, much like chatbots, stems from harnessing the right data to solve users’ real problems.

“Success in artificial intelligence comes from the right data, just like chatbots. Is it just to accompany users to kill time through random data reorganization? Or can it really solve users’ problems?” questions John Liu, laying the foundation for jumpAD’s strategic approach.

Over a decade of experience in the digital advertising field has positioned jumpAD as a pioneer in adapting to the evolving nature of the industry. While acknowledging the efforts of major players like Google and Meta in pushing towards AI automation, John distinguishes between smart advertising and automatic advertising. JumpAD goes beyond mere automation, leveraging AI to conduct in-depth machine learning based on data collection. This empowers the system to analyze the effective target audience (TA) of advertising, predict trends, and automatically optimize future advertising directions.

In the face of challenges such as malicious clicks, usage of internet robots, and offline transaction complexities, jumpAD excels in automatically correcting online advertising performance data. By reducing distortions in advertising performance, jumpAD ensures that AI learns from accurate data, leading to optimal performance. An impressive example showcases a remarkable 22% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) for one client, earning recognition from Google Taiwan and marking the first Google Ads AI Bidding 2.0 success case in Taiwan.

Addressing Challenges in the Evolving Landscape

The ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising presents multifaceted challenges, encompassing changes in consumer behavior, peer competition, uncertainties, and the crucial shift towards data privacy. John Liu reiterates the importance of accurate consumer behavior data in effective digital advertising, highlighting the delicate balance between privacy protection and revenue generation.

JumpAD acknowledges challenges such as the rise of personal data privacy awareness and the advent of the cookieless era. The battle between information security and hackers further complicates the terrain. Acknowledging the impact of these factors on digital advertising, John Liu points out the symbiotic relationship between consumer privacy protection and advertising revenue. The fundamental business model of online service merchants involves cultivating user traffic through free resources and monetizing advertising revenue derived from this traffic to support operations.

“Consumer privacy issues are indeed important, but the way in which privacy is protected also affects advertising revenue and the existence of free resources,” notes John Liu, underscoring the intricate dance between privacy protection, revenue generation, and resource sustainability.

In response to these challenges, John Liu advocates for continuous investment in AI development and leveraging AI to respond proactively to changing consumer behavior patterns. The forward-looking approach of jumpAD positions it not only as a leader in navigating current challenges but as a trailblazer shaping the future of digital advertising.

Excitement for Emerging Trends and Future Plans

John Liu reflects on the exciting landscape of emerging trends in the first year of artificial intelligence development. While celebrating the birth of numerous AI companies and applications, he remains vigilant about the impact of AI on people and the environment. jumpAD, having invested in AI applications to enhance online advertising, has secured recognition with an invention patent from the Intellectual Property Administration of the Republic of China. However, John emphasizes that the intention is not to restrict others but to mark a milestone in their journey.

In terms of staying at the forefront of industry developments, jumpAD’s approach revolves around acting as a consultant and problem-solving doctor in the digital realm. The team passionately invests in research to address challenges faced by clients in the digital environment. This proactive stance not only positions jumpAD as a leader in solving digital problems but also provides unique learning opportunities that set them apart from peers.

John shares the excitement of this journey, emphasizing the continuous effort to convince clients of jumpAD’s expertise. The focus is on being the go-to destination for clients with digital challenges, establishing a reputation for satisfaction and problem-solving prowess.

Strategic Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, jumpAD outlines a strategic vision that encompasses a holistic approach to digital services. The goal is to provide merchants with a comprehensive suite of offerings, including digital advertising, cloud hosting services, website system design, and AI-driven solutions for seamless integration.

The strategic plan involves continuous efforts to expand service territory by investing in the functional development of jumpAD’s own digital advertising products. Beyond being a digital advertising agency for major players like Google and Meta, jumpAD positions itself as a member of the Google Advertising Network. Additionally, the company has ventured into launching its own advertising platform services, marking a move towards becoming an emerging player in the digital advertising industry.

Company operations are guided by principles of intrapreneurship and reinvestment, reflecting a commitment to innovation and growth. JumpAD positions itself not just as a service provider but as an online platform, actively shaping user specifications, managing the platform ecosystem, and integrating seamlessly with the Google advertising network and their proprietary advertising services.

Critical Leadership Principles Driving Innovation and Success at jumpAD

John Liu, a leader at jumpAD, underscores key leadership principles driving innovation and success within the dynamic digital landscape. At jumpAD, a diverse team comprising online marketing, cloud systems, information security, artificial intelligence, IoT, and e-commerce experts collaborates synergistically. The core leadership principle, as articulated by John, is the “complementary optimization” approach, facilitating effective communication across various professional backgrounds to reach consensus on understanding customer needs and project collaboration. This principle ensures a harmonious work environment where team members trust leaders, fostering collaboration without fear of blame-shifting.

In John’s words, this principle allows the team to “feel at ease and trust the company’s leaders.” Respect for each other’s expertise is paramount, fostering a culture where colleagues contribute and acknowledge each other’s skills, contributing to overall team success. Encouraging critical thinking is a core tenet, with John noting that “anyone can be a great innovative inventor.” This philosophy aligns with the open creative mindset inspired by American tech giant Alphabet, emphasizing ethical values and moral principles akin to Alphabet’s “Don’t be evil.”

Drawing influence from the “People First Party,” jumpAD adheres to a “people-oriented and returns power to the people” approach. John’s leadership encourages a focus on team well-being, creating a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Additionally, jumpAD embraces a sense of global responsibility, leveraging internet communication to subtly influence people positively, promote charity, and create applications that inspire and heal users.

In John’s words, “We make the most of our talents, and we can strictly guarantee service quality.” This commitment to excellence, combined with a collaborative and innovative ethos, defines jumpAD’s leadership principles in navigating the intricacies of the digital realm.

Cultivating Innovation and Gratitude

Fostering a culture of creativity and adaptability at jumpAD is a priority for John Liu. He encourages colleagues to cultivate curiosity, explore new knowledge, cultures, and popular trends. To stimulate innovative thinking, John advocates analyzing the motivations behind new developments, viewing business models as subjects worthy of scientific scrutiny. While acknowledging the realities of society, he believes this broader perspective prevents individuals from being trapped in personal frames of mind, fostering a more grounded understanding of human nature and the consumer market.

Despite the potential conflict between basic and innovative ideas, John promotes breaking habits and thinking in opposite directions after grounding. This approach often leads to breakthrough thinking and generates excitement and inspiration among colleagues. He even shares his commitment to intrapreneurship, having invested in a new company with the Chief Strategy Officer, aiming to create an innovative business service platform. Currently in the preparation stage for entrepreneurial financing, John expresses hope for its success.

Reflecting on the future of AI-driven digital advertising, John highlights the current limitations of generative AI, emphasizing that it can’t replace human brain thinking due to the lack of emotional capabilities. He underscores the importance of not solely focusing on market profits but leveraging technology to help minorities and disadvantaged groups, contributing to societal well-being.

In expressing gratitude, John acknowledges the crucial role played by his family, colleagues, and customers in jumpAD’s success. Their support, encouragement, and the challenges encountered have been instrumental in shaping jumpAD’s journey.

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