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2020 was a fancy number, and we were all optimistic and excited for a new decade. But we know what happened in the first quarter. The word became something else in 2020. In 2021, we thought everything would become normal. But the second wave was waiting for us. Now it is 2022. The third wave was at its peak for some time. Fortunately, we were already prepared to face it. Countries including the UK eased most of the restrictions, asking people to get used to living with the virus. It was a positive move, and the vibrations were visible across the sectors.

As 2022 unfolds, organizations are embracing rapid transformations happening around them. The distinction between new-age, tech-driven companies versus old-world organizations, is sharpening further. For instance, the way we work has changed entirely over the past couple of years. It is subjected to evolution as more younger people enter the workforce. Experts believe that traditional full-time employment will be a thing of the past. With more remote workers and gig workers connected from all over the world, companies would look for hiring talent on a contract basis.

The shift in the hiring process would change the fundamentals of organizations’ structure. Instead of a rigid top-down pyramid structure, companies have started exploring flatter, more agile forms that would help them respond to change quickly. As the world of business is changing, we needto be updated so that we can travel with the world, or maybe, a step ahead of our peers. In this issue, we help our readers by bringing exclusive opinions and insights on trends that business leaders need to know in 2022.

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