Paul Flick, CEO, Premium Service Brands

What sets entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers apart from the ordinary is their relentless pursuit of excellence. They refuse to settle for less. Great is not good enough for them. They aim for the extraordinary. People who believe in pushing the envelope, breaking stereotypes, and forging their own path are usually highly spirited entrepreneurs -Paul Flick, the Founder & CEO of Premium Service Brands (PSB), is among them. He chose to step outside of his comfort zone and foray into entrepreneurship.

Initially, Paul worked for a leading Fortune 500 company but didn’t find it liberating. “I wanted to be able to control my schedule, financial outcome and build an environment that allows others to grow and succeed,” shares Paul. Being a franchisee himself, Paul became naturally inclined towards the franchising business model. Therefore, he decided to take the path that led him into franchising based on previous entrepreneurial experience and a dash of passion, and an enduring vision.

A Leader in Home Services Franchise Opportunities

Established in 2006, Premium Service Brands started with 360° Painting as its first brand. The goal of PSB from the beginning was to bring quality home remodeling, repair, and services to homeowners across the US and Canada.

Through numerous startups and acquisitions, PSB has grown up to 9 different service brands. Its companies—360° Painting, Handyman Pro, Maid Right, Pro-Lift, Kitchen Wise, Renew Crew, Rubbish Works, Rooterman, and Grout Medic—have been providing services to an ever-expanding customer base for over 10 years. This has been possible only through Paul and his team’s unrelenting commitment towards building meaningful connections and creating lifetime customers.

Furthermore, PSB’s one-of-a-kind consumer-focused platform Home.One is now being leveraged at over 1000 franchise locations. Stating his long-term vision for the company, Paul reveals, “The vision I hold for Premium Service Brands is to have 25-30 home service brands leveraging our Home.One Platform focused on leveraging the same end-user.”

Gaining an Edge over Competition

Getting started is the most crucial part for an entrepreneur. But investing in franchising opportunities such as with PSB allows business owners to focus on their vision and products instead of battling numerous challenges and pitfalls on their own. Paul and his team offer initial and ongoing training and support programs to their franchise partners and give them the necessary skills and tools to facilitate their goals and success. This is not all. As a franchise partner, franchisees are offered marketing, and advertising research-based strategic plans, a brand presence, credibility in the market, franchise management resources, a network of home service franchisees support system, and, most importantly, a culture of honesty and integrity and respect.

According to Paul, what sets PSB apart from its competitor franchisors is its Owner Experience Center (OEC). Along with the Home.One platform, PSB, leverages the end-user to make it a one-stop service provider for all home improvements. Based on these merits, PSB’s winning philosophy to seek franchisees who share its commitment to customer service excellence and passion for their work makes it unique.

An Inspirational Leader with a World-Class Team

A healthy workplace culture where team members are motivated, acknowledged, and credited makes one of the significant pillars to a company’s growth and success. Speaking about his team members and their roles in PSB’s growth, Paul says, “Our team is amazing, and they share my vision and execute every day. I do not micromanage anyone. If you hire the best, let them do what they are best at and get out of the way.” Trusting team members to get the job done and right makes Paul an inspirational leader.

At work, Paul’s typical day begins as early as 4.00am. These early hours give him the time to work on the vision and strategy for Premium Service Brands without any distractions. Later as the day progresses, he attends several zoom and conference calls and team meetings. On striking a work-life balance, Paul reveals his love for cooking dinner for his family and enjoying a Napa Valley Cabernet.

Drawing Lessons from the Past

A business owner must always be equipped with strong financial assets, helping him shape up the future business goals as a leader and be prepared for the unknown. When PSB was incepted in 2006, Paul was undercapitalized. To make things worse, two years later, when the recession hit the US economy, it became more difficult for him to invest in skilled human resources and tools. This became Paul’s lifelong learning lesson as an entrepreneur.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, Paul and his team developed, organized, rolled out, and executed a perfect plan on how their franchise partners navigate during such difficult times. As the Founder & CEO, these well-thought-out plans exceeded all of Paul’s expectations, with system-wide sales up 50% each year of the pandemic.

Proud Milestones & Current Goals

According to Paul, PSB’s most significant milestone has been surpassing the 1,000 franchise locations. Paul and his team are currently working on a special program for underprivileged children. He says, “The rollout of our charitable Kids Lift has allowed us to significantly impact the multiple communities our franchise partners operate in.” Continuing its upward trajectory, PSB aims to expand its services and brands through further acquisitions in the coming days. This will allow PSB to not only grow its footprint and service more customers but also allow clients to leverage Home.One platform.

Expert Advice on Entrepreneurship

Paul advises newcomers to take the risk and dive into the unchartered waters of entrepreneurship even if there are 99 reasons to stay put. Take the leap! “Building something you can call your own is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Until you live the entrepreneurial life, you can’t understand how liberating, empowering, and rewarding it is to be an entrepreneur,” he concludes.

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