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In India, 25% of the students want to start something of their own but don’t know how to conceptualize, build and launch their dream idea. Harsh Singh, an alumnus of the prestigious Indian School of business, Hyderabad, saw this as a massive opportunity in 2018. He partnered with Gautam Sethi, another startup enthusiast, to set up an innovative venture called QuilinX. Today, the co-founder duo, Harsh Singh and Gautam Sethi, work towards getting on with some of the largest fintech’s, e-pharmacy, hospitality, eCommerce, logistics startups in India.

Most recently, QuilinX has seen enormous opportunities for them with the growing demand for talent and an increasing number of startups popping up everywhere. “We are doing our best to keep pace with this demand; however, we don’t want to lose our quality differentiation while executing this path,” says Harsh. Gautam adds, “We are growing at 30-40% month-on-month revenue with a sustainable bottom line. QuilinX is self-funded, and we are not looking for any immediate funding. We are a profitable business generating self-sustainable cash flow.”

Having Focus

As a new company, QuilinX understands how new startups work. While there are many third-party resource providers in the market, the company doesn’t compare with its competitors. They focus on engineers who are rated as the top performers by clients. Besides, QuilinX takes care of all onboarding compliances and account management, including weekly approved timesheets, multi-time zone collaboration using client preferred tools & HR/ Legal compliances. “We focus on the happiness of our people and build QuilinX as a career growth platform for capable individuals,” says Gautam.

While QuilinX still helps early-stage founders with their products, its focus is to build a strong developer community for the best startups brands in the country. The company has launched something called the ‘Bar Raiser,’ a developer community for prominent, funded startups to match brilliance to opportunity. It was introduced to challenge engineering capabilities and provide resourceful candidates to high-growth startups. With such a system in place, Harsh says, “The model is immune to the ups and downs that are synonymous with the functioning of startups; if one industry shows signs of recession, the developer can easily move to another startup working in another industry.” Thus, it gives startups some stability to move forward in the business and aim for success.

With numerous players in the market, there is a need to continuously improve products to make them more user-friendly, effective, efficient, and attainable. In this regard, QuilinX takes monthly feedback from all their clients regarding the performance of their engineers. They continue to be in touch with client CTO and CHRO and develop trust with clients who request more resources, thus easing their hiring criteria. Harsh says, “They have shown confidence in our shortlisting and technical evaluation procedures as we have a hit rate of 90% success in client interview and 100% success in deliverable quality for our clients. They believe that meeting the founders, CXO directly and explaining our services minimizes marketing spending to a bare minimum. They use Linkedin to find and meet new people to grow their business.”

Stepping forward

In the last 4 years, QuilinX has mastered the art of helping businesses grow. Now, they are looking to expand their target market and move to the Middle Eastern Startup market. With Gautam stationed in the UAE, this became an obvious choice for them to develop to. There is a huge demand for talent in India and UAE, requiring engineers working for high-growth startups. “We are growing our client base every month and can win multiple clients in industries primarily fintech, eCommerce, logistics, hospitality, e-pharmacy,” says Gautam.

Harsh says, “We call it as a QuilinX family with our people learning from each other, i.e., brilliant peer group.” With such an attitude towards the company, employee career growth, happiness and wellness is key to our success. Through technical discussions, talks, case studies, and the like from time to time. The company also plans to start a formal career growth learning program for developers in the coming year. “Our endeavor is to help clients build life-changing products for our nation. This is only possible if the startups have the right team with the right attitude and skills. We aim to help drive the same agenda for our clients,” Harsh.

To Know More, Visit: https://quilinx.in/

About Harsh Singh, Founder

Harsh Singh is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian School of business, Hyderabad, graduated with academic honor. He has 18+ years of technology experience of working in companies like Accenture, KPMG, Reliance & other small & midsize companies and startups. In his corporate life, Harsh led and managed multiple million-dollar programs for top business customers across the world. Harsh regularly advises non-technical founders for digital transformation & how tech can benefit their businesses.

As the founder, Harsh is focussed on strategizing & implementation of QuilinX vision, overall growth in multiple geographies, client satisfaction , delivery, & overall smooth operations of the firm. He is a firm believer of the fact that if his employees are happy and motivated, clients will be happy as well.

About Gautam Sethi, Co-founder

Gautam Sethi is a Hospitality Graduate with a Post-Graduation in Human Resources. Gautam has worked with Global organizations like IBM, AON Hewitt and Regional giants in the UAE such as The Landmark Group in managing and leading People function and talent initiatives. Gautam has been an entrepreneur and has run his own recruitment firm and is currently leading various other startups. As the Co-founder & partner based in Dubai, Middle East, Gautam is focused on growing the international business, Client Management and works with Harsh on the growth strategy, people engagement and HR related execution.

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