Nicole R. Braley, Chief Marketing Officer, Inception

“It’s not just grit. Leadership is more than just grit. You need intuition, confidence, intentionality, and crystal-clear communication skills,” quotes Nicole Braley, the Chief Marketing Officer at Inception. She truly personifies these leadership qualities. Indeed, Nicole is inspired by other leaders who are not only invested in business goals but also know how they affect the market, community, and environment.

As a leader, Nicole believes in maintaining a growth mindset and uses a mix of formal and informal learning to build and refine her leadership skills. Currently, with the support of an executive coach, she is exploring the next step in her leadership journey—a talent fostered by emotional and spiritual connectedness. What does this mean, and how does it help leaders in growing their organizations? Nicole, who has been practicing emotional and spiritual connectedness for some time now, goes on to explain, “The idea behind this skill is centered around the desire to become a better co-worker, leader, friend, and parent by valuing connectedness and realizing how I can use emotional and spiritual energy to make the most of each situation and propel and develop big—or bigger—relationships in business.”

A Marketing Expert

Nicole is a seasoned marketing executive and business leader with over 15 years of experience building, leading, and delivering extensive commercial marketing and growth in various industries, including network-driven healthcare.

As the CMO of Inception, Nicole leads the organization’s marketing and communications initiatives, highlighting its commitment to providing each patient with an individualized and specialized approach to fertility care. “In my current role, I also have a vested interest in mentoring first-time managers as it’s that critical juncture in career trajectories which impact future leadership pipeline,” mentions Nicole. For her professional achievements, she gives credit to her executive coach and CEO of Inception, who have supported her leadership journey.

Building the Families of the Future

Established in 2014, Inception is a family of fertility brands committed to helping patients build their own families. The Founder & CEO, TJ Farnsworth, launched Inception after a frustrating two-year fertility journey with his wife. That experience led him to think over a more streamlined process for patient care that not only delivered results but ensured patients had as pleasant an experience as possible.

Since then, Inception’s focus has been on elevating the patient experience throughout the entire process—from financing fertility treatments and caring for aspiring parents to matching donors with recipients and storing cryopreserved embryos and tissue. The company embodies the premium fertility brands and services to ensure every touch point meets the highest standards of care and compassion. In addition, Inception has the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics in North America and one of the largest frozen donor egg banks in North America. “By putting customers at the heart of our brands, we make it clear to current and future customers that their experience with us matters,” passionately says Nicole.

It is All About the Customer Experience

According to Nicole, most marketers have been beating the user experience drum nonstop for the past two decades. However, the customer experience (CX) should be at the heart of business strategy.

“My focus has been on the customer—and in our business, the customer is a patient,” says Nicole. Hence, the marketing team at Inception leverages sophisticated technologies to enhance the customer experience and leads with an exceptional UX. Most importantly, collect feedback (direct and indirect) on all of these things from their customers. This feedback is taken very seriously and acted on to ensure customer recovery and retention and serve as an input for incremental enhancements on the customer journey side. “I believe CX is truly about a customer’s entire interaction with our brands,” adds Nicole.

A Rapidly Growing Business from the Start

As per the latest reports, the global fertility treatment market is expected to reach $21.7 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 8%. These astounding figures will result in a growing demand for access to clinics, top doctors, and other fertility-related services from a family of brands such as Inception Fertility in the coming days. As a premier fertility brand and leader in reproductive healthcare, Inception is already leading efforts to ensure accessibility by launching new products and services, opening new locations, and recruiting the best doctors.

Moving Ahead

Commenting on Inception’s ongoing plans, Nicole remarks, “Part of my focus from the last couple of years has been on formalizing and developing our brands’ architecture. My second focus is to deliver on revenue and future value – and in marketing, that is all about the demand generation!”

By October 2022, Inception will launch a new eCommerce brand and a range of products that will expand the company’s opportunity to engage with new customers outside of its core customer base and sharpen its focus on fertility and lifestyle. “I am very excited to lead these efforts, which will further our commitment to our patients, their experience, and delivering optimal outcomes,” concludes Nicole.

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