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There is nothing extraordinary in a man leading an organisation. Many of them, if not for the power of their positions, are ordinary people. But women who rise to the top of leadership are truly special for many reasons. The struggle to reach the top of a man’s world is among them. Undoubtedly, many would agree that a successful woman is much smarter than a successful man.

Despite making positive results at the top, women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions, although it has increased over the past five years (2017-2022). According to Global Gender Gap Report, 2022, published by the World Economic Forum, global gender parity for Women’s share of senior and leadership roles reached 42.7%, the highest gender parity score yet. However, during the first decade of their career, for every one woman that makes it into leadership, nearly twice (1.8) as many men make it, says a LinkedIn report. This gap between women and men further increases with work experience, and for every one woman that makes it to the top after 20 or more years, 2.2 men reach the top.

Indeed, a woman’s path into a leadership position is drastically different from a man’s. But she, who is intelligent, passionate and determined, has achieved incredible success. In the issue, we celebrate the success of the most accomplished leaders from the world of business by featuring the 10 Most Inspiring Business Women 2022. We hope their untold stories will inspire the next generation of women leaders. On the cover, we have Carrie Wheeler, the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Liquid Web, who is responsible for defining and driving the growth of Liquid Web’s strategic product lines, including Managed Hosting, Cloud Services, and Managed Applications Services including Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, and Managed Magento.

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