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The perspectives about how we conceive work has changed drastically over the past couple of years. Now, for many working professionals, 9 – 5 working in an office cubicle is apparently boring. Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index says that from when to go to the office to why work in the first place, employees are defining their future, and there’s no going back – over 57 percent of employees prefer a hybrid work culture. To be successful in a modern work environment, leaders need to showcase a new set of strategies.

Adaptability plays a crucial role. The pandemic has taught us how quickly we need to change our habits and learn to live in confined spaces. In the business world, successful leaders are the ones who introduce new ideas, strategies, products, and services to serve consumers and employees better. When the pandemic hit, many companies could sustain themselves because they implemented new tools and software suites to ensure seamless transitions from in-person to virtual. Besides, leaders had to show their full potential regarding communication and collaboration, as teams worked offline and online for the exact cause. Any organization looking for improvements in its journey forward must have leaders who can model efficient communication and collaboration.

Only some people can lead companies in changing scenarios, especially when the world has become one huge market. In this issue, we have identified the 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders – 2022 who have a proven ability to lead change, with demonstrated ability to be adaptable, agile, and innovative. They are rare to find, so has a high demand. On the cover, we feature Yotam Segev, a security expert with over 15 years of experience in offensive cybersecurity and security architecture, is the CEO and co-founder of data security company Cyera. Before founding Cyera, Yotam and his co-founder, Tamar Bar-llan, built and ran the cloud security division in the Israeli Military Intelligence’s Cyber Department.

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