Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan

The Youth Icon of an emerging new Gulshan, Yukti Nagpal announces the arrival of a new breed of real estate stalwart. She is an iron-willed leader who knocks the ball out of the park when it comes to fulfilling her passion for balancing her high-profile business ethos.


Real estate is one of the most affected industries during this lockdown time. “The lockdown has definitely decreased the site visits to a great extent, and there is a strong fear of getting out in public spaces amongst the people,” says Yukti Nagpal, Director of Gulshan, one of the top real estate companies in Noida. However, Yukti was not among those people who would sit quietly until the situation gets better. She adds, “To some extent, digitalization has eased the things and therefore minimized the impact. We have been reaching out to our audience through digital marketing and virtual tours. Now, few have even started visiting the sites, so things are looking up.”

Yukti believes in leading by example. During the lockdown time, she embraced the new normal and got hands-on with technology. She hosted e- meetings, worked with structured agendas, ensured that each of the employees was set with the required infrastructure to be able to work from home, and kept them motivated. “We have been lucky with our teams. Each one has been supportive and were willing to contribute to every step required to ease the current crisis. Additionally, as a developer, the only way to beat the impact of the lockdown is to focus on construction,” shares Yukti.

Gulshan Dynasty
Celebrating 30 Years of Legacy

Started as an establishment that built homes of superior quality without cutting any corners, Gulshan has been serving the nation from the past 30 years. “Now, after three decades journey from independent houses in East Delhi to Multiple Housing Project in Delhi NCR, Gulshan has grown into a massive renowned and reputed luxury Real estate developer. We have marked a place for ourself as an epitome for quality construction and luxury apartments,” states Yukti. From constructing luxurious bungalows to creating living landmarks in the group housing sector, Gulshan has delivered landmark residential and commercial projects that account for an area of 4.5 million sq.ft in NCR.

“Through the journey, we have successfully launched multiple projects like Homes 121, Gulshan Vivante, and Gulshan Ikebana in Noida and GC Grand, GC Centrum, GC Emerald Heights in Indirapuram and Vaishali respectively,” says Yukti. Each project of Gulshan Homz is developed with a focus on luxury living. With all the residential projects across Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, the company has delivered 4,581 units. “We are now developing Gulshan Botnia sprawling to an area of around 21,495 sq.mt and Gulshan Bellina spreading to an area of approx 28,374 sq.mt, with a modern twist to urban luxury living with 1888 units in Noida and Greater Noida (West) respectively,” adds Yukti.

With a vision to pass on a green environment and prosperous cities to the future generations, Gulshan has always been the leader in the market in developing luxurious real estate options. “We are committed to its sole objective of providing quality, luxury, state-of-the-art apartments for our customers – a new level of exclusive luxury lifestyle,” pinpoints Yukti.

Gulshan Dynasty
The Woman in A Man’s Industry

Yukti grew up in an environment where she has seen the passion of people in the construction business and has witnessed her family work tirelessly to make this business more than just brick and mortar. “After completing my schooling and internship, I came back and joined Gulshan – a real estate company run by my father, Gulshan Nagpal. The decision was in line with my father’s endeavour to provide not just homes but a lifestyle to the customers,” recalls Yukti. An MS in marketing from San Francisco (US), Yukti not only graduated on the Dean’s list but also did alma mater proud by bagging the prestigious MARCOM Gold Award.

However, getting into the family business was not easy for Yukti, as the expectations were high. She says, “The real estate industry is mostly man dominated. I had to work with people who had experience matching my age.” It was challenging for Yukti to bring a new set of thoughts and ideas, as she had to prove herself at every step to overcome stereotypes. However, with dedication, she made her own name in the industry and today, she takes suggestions and decisions better than many men in the industry. “Making my place as an equal in the boardroom of this 30-year-old company and Gulshan Dynasty is a significant milestone during these years. I feel proud every time we deliver a project that lives up to the promises made to the customers. Real estate has given me numerous reasons to feel proud as it is the sector that brings a smile to people when they realize their dream of buying a property,” explains Yukti.

Gulshan Dynasty

The journey so far has been phenomenal for Yukti. Now, her target is to change the perception of people that developers are interested only in delivering a project without paying heed to the customers’ need. She says, “For me the quality of life is important, and I would like to give that to all my customers. I feel pain when I see projects that look like shanty towns made of brick and mortar shorn of any effort towards making the lifestyle of people better. I want real estate to seriously address this issue and make the buyer feel honoured.”

As the Director of Gulshan, Yukti manages and heads the entire marketing planning cycle. She ensures brand aesthetics at every touchpoint to achieve brand equity and brand image. She is also involved at every stage, from conceiving a project with architects, to planning the best value to accomplish the same. Yukti works out the construction timelines and accordingly plan the sales and marketing of the project and ensures that the post-sale process inevitably increases with the help of CRM. “Observing the society and knowing the needs of people help to become a successful entrepreneur and a leader today. At Gulshan, our focus is a lifestyle, and it requires meticulous planning and futuristic ideas. My father has always given ear to my ideas,” shares Yukti.

Today, Yukti brings a fresh new arsenal of ideas to the table. Her brand of zest and talent inspires many within the organization. She is responsible for taking the brand to the next level and setting new trends in the real estate. “Challenges are everywhere, and so many people are gender stereotypes. In my opinion- one should have to be strong, have a strong core, and never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough! The simple motto of life that – perseverance, passion and determination and your attitude can melt any hurdles than come your way. So, always follow your head,” concludes Yukti.

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