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As the spread of COVID-19 brought economic activities a near standstill, businesses across the globe are fighting for survival. When I sit to write the editorial for this issue of CXO Outlook – with which we intend to bring insights and ideas from those people who have changed the world around us – there are 5,085,504 confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world. The official death toll is over 329,731. As per the data of the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs, India has 61, 149 active COVID positive cases so far, and as many as 3303 people have died due to the deadly virus.

In this COVID situation, which demands leaders from all walks of life to identify and address the most critical issues at each point, we understand the importance of an independent platform in digital space where the business community can share their stories, opinions and insights. However, as the makers, it was not an easy task for us. Many leaders we approached to be a part of our ’10 Most Inspiring Young CXOs in India’ issue were busy recalibrating the way forward to hold their feet in the wave.

On the other side, many young leaders were happy to share their experience and strategies with us. Anant Goenka (Managing Director of CEAT Limited), Feroze Azeez (Deputy CEO, AnandRathi), Neeraj Biyani (Co-Founder and COO, Hector Beverages), Rohit M. A. (Co-Founder and MD, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals), and Sonia Notani (Chief Marketing Officer, IndiaFirst Life Insurance) are a selected few to name among them. We believe that India’s future is safe in their hands. In this issue, we have also included some inspiring startup stories and opinions of business leaders to give our audience a comprehensive reading experience.

We sincerely hope that our efforts will help the business leaders to make informed decisions.

Enjoy Reading.

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