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Who is a leader? There can be many definitions. In simple terms, we can say that a leader is someone who does more than lead people. Driven by the right motivation, leaders make a positive impact on the people around them. However, we now live in a different time. The so-called definitions that we have been using since ages may not be valid today —an unprecedented situation like COVID-19 demands leadership that goes beyond the textbook definitions.

By mid of May 2020, the world has over 5,085,504 confirmed COVID-19 cases by the deadly virus has claimed over 329, 731 lives. Governments have instituted travel bans and quarantine requirements, which are essential for safeguarding public health. In India and around the world, most of the business leaders, especially the young ones, have responded well. For many, keeping employees and their families safe and free from contagion has been the top priority.

We know that we will get through this crisis. When we do, we are sure that history will show how the world’s young leaders helped to build a bridge from fear to hope and from confusion to understanding. In the first issue of CXO Outlook, we celebrate the success of young leaders in India. Most of the young chiefs on our list of ‘10 Most Inspiring Young CXOs in India’ have become household names, by running dynamic and high-growth businesses with bright prospects for the future. We hope our efforts to feature their stories would inspire the next generation of leaders in India.

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