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Healthcare innovation has been at the crux of almost all the discussions in 2020. Organisations in this sector faced several challenges, much like other industries, with an added responsibility of treating COVID-19 patients. However, despite the hiccups, the healthcare industry has managed to innovate and develop new ways of taking care of patients. Today, many consumers look for alternate non-traditional care delivery settings, as they wish to have their healthcare needs met remotely or from their homes’ comfort and safety.

As per Frost and Sullivan’s analysis, digital health will continue to thrive at a growth rate of 7.9 per cent, with telehealth transforming care delivery and health IT enhancements in analytics and interoperability. The analysis also says that virtual consultations by healthcare professionals will become the mainstream care delivery model post-pandemic. However, reimbursement, training physicians, and platform scalability will be the key to recalibrating telehealth.

Innovative companies in the sector have already recognised the changes in consumer behaviour. They have started addressing them through tech-enabled solutions. In the coming months, we can see a lot more integrated health management system with players who provide different services coming together to offer the consumers the care they need. In this issue, we have handpicked “10 Most Innovative Healthcare Companies in India” that have accepted the challenges and utilised them as opportunities to evolve. We have also featured stories of some selected startups in India that have been at the forefront of innovation.

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