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Leaving your comfort zone of a lucrative job to start a business from scratch can be challenging. It takes a lot of determination, hard work, and a good support system to see your vision through. However, entrepreneurship is not just for educated and experienced individuals. In countries where unemployment is high, and the economy is weaker, entrepreneurship becomes a necessity to provide for themselves and their families. For instance, during the pandemic time, the world saw a surge in entrepreneurship as workers who were laid off started their own businesses.

According to the Census Bureau, applications for starting a business in the US reached all-time highs of 551,657 00 in July 2020, an increase of 95 percent compared to the same period in 2019. In France, 84,000 new businesses were registered in October 2020, an increase of 20% from the previous year. The number of registered companies in the UK increased by 30% year on year in November and December 2020, and Japan had a 14% increase. Whatever may be the reason, entrepreneurs contribute to the upliftment of their societies at many levels. They change the way we live and work. Great entrepreneurs bring innovations that would improve living standards, besides creating wealth and jobs to help a growing economy.

To inspire the community of entrepreneurs worldwide, we have come up with a special issue featuring the ‘10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs – 2022,’ who have executed game-changing ideas and innovative concepts to succeed in the crowded marketplace. On the cover, we feature James Michael Lafferty effortlessly manages to strike the right balance between his role as a CEO at Fine Hygienic Holding and his role as a professional athletic coach, which he holds dear to his heart. James is an inspiring leader who decided to seize the day, every day of his career.


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